The person behind Attunements.info: René Meulenbeek

Hello and welcome on Attunements.info. This website offers a wide and nice selection of spiritual energies under the name Attunements. Aquarius Energies, because all have the qualities of this New Age we have just started. Energies that can be used to develop your spirituality in a good way. And which also are meant for items like healing, consciousness and love. These attunements were developed by the creator of this website: Energy Master René Meulenbeek. There is also a Dutch and a German version of this website. If you’re curious about who René Meulenbeek actually is, and if you like to know more about how these attunements were established, then you are invited to read on.

On our way to a better world

In my youth I was kind of a dreamy type. As a child of the sixties and seventies, I was sensitive to the new wind that was blowing, I loved to watch the good in people and I later learned to apply this to myself. Looking at how I could improve myself. How to change my world and make it more enjoyable. I also had a sort of half-conscious feeling that this world was not as it should be. That there was much that needed change and that there was to come a really new world. As a person that lives from his feelings, this was very much anchored in my feelings. And much later, once it started to find my own way, there was a kind of peace and satisfaction within me: this is what suits you. This works for you, this is your path.

The great value of connecting with your Higher Self

The greatest spiritual leap forward came when I discovered a course about ones Higher Self. With various exercises to connect with your Higher Self. This worked for me a lot easier than I expected. And the relationship I then developed with my Higher Self, has positively changed my life in many ways. It makes me grateful. I received all sorts of intuitions that were related to my interests and questions. And that ultimately yielded new and valuable opportunities. This way I discovered that you can connect with higher energies and how fun and valuable it is to work with them.

In collaboration with my Higher Self I managed to consciously channel energies and even develop them myself. Designing an energy in the way it is desirable for a particular purpose. That is why I named myself an Energy Master (analog to someone who gives Reiki attunements and is called a Reiki Master). These energies have been given the name Attunement. Because in that process you attune yourself to an energy. In a good way you try to establish a good connection with this energy so you can work with it in a pure way.

Designing attunements, giving attunements

So after learning to work with energies I started to develop them into different attunements. And I started to specialize in remotely giving these attunements to other people. Because that is practical simply the easiest way. And doing this then became my job: to develop energies, describe them for this site. And give these attunements to the people who like to make use of them.

For me it is a great pleasure that I have the ability to do this. So I know how enormously valuable it can be to connect with the part of your soul that is very close to you, your Higher Self. And that is also the reason I have now developed a method that allows you to connect this with your Higher Self in an easier way than I did it at the time: the Higher Self Package. It is my wish that everyone will be able to connect with his Self or Soul, with all the positive effects like joy and satisfaction it can bring you.

Making the Aquarius Time work

I hope that many people may find their way on the spiritual path and also may draw a lot of satisfaction from what life has to offer. Whether it will be with my attunements or in some other way. The Aquarius Time or New Age with all its new features has arrived. And I offer an opportunity to work with the Aquarius Energies. For anyone who wants to make use of them: you are very welcome! You are also welcome when you have questions about this website or my attunements: Contact.

Yours truly,
René Meulenbeek
The Netherlands