Outer World

The Outer World, using the mirror to improve your inner world and your life

The Outer World, seeing in the mirror who and what you are now Looking in the mirror, looking at the outside world The Outer World often feels as a source of frustration and grief. A troublemaker who doesn’t know when to stop. But although it seems the cause of much misery, it is an effect, …

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Inner World

Inner World, getting aware of and communicating with your Inner Being

Inner World, getting more aware of who and what you are Dealing positively with your Inner World The Inner World is formed by everything we are deep inside. It is our soul and salvation, formed by our Higher Self and our I Am Presence. It contains all our feelings and inner stirrings, our intentions and …

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Inner World and Outer World

Inner World and Outer World, read more about how they are related to each other

Inner World and Outer World, an exciting relationship Two entirely different worlds: Inner World and Outer World Inner World and Outer World are two worlds we both have to deal with. Although not everyone is fully aware of that. Because the Outer World is so intrusive that the Inner World can get completely out of …

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