Healing Attunements

The Healing Attunements, back to your Divinity

The Healing Attunements: back to your Divinity, back to Oneness Come into contact with your Self, with the Healing Attunements The Healing Attunements help you to seek the connection, to feel the Unity or Oneness and to integrate that into your life. In the verb to Heal you can hear the word Whole. Healing not …

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Feel Good Attunements

The Feel Good Attunements, for a good and spiritual life

The Feel Good Attunements: feeling fine and enjoying your life The positive effects of feeling well The Feel Good Attunements are a group of Attunements to help you feel good in several ways. To be in good shape, to feel fine, to have a good life. Attunements that make you feel good about who you …

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