Yin Yang Love


Yin Yang Love helps you to cope with polarities in a nice way. The most obvious polarity is of course that of women / feminine energy (Yin) and men / masculine energy (Yang). Both energies are part of who we are. Yin Yang Love bridges opposites and helps connect polarities into unity.

When we fight the other, we also fight a part of ourself. And at the same time deprive ourself of half of our power. Polarities or contrasts enrich life. They make the experience of yourself in relation to others more fun and more enjoyable. Yin Yang Love helps to reconcile polarities. As a result, you may be there, and the other may be there. So the world around us becomes much kinder.

Is especially your Yin or Yang energy out of balance, then choose Feminine Energy Love or Masculine Energy Love.


Coping lovingly with duality and polarity, with Yin Yang Love

The attunement Yin Yang Love helps you to cope lovingly with duality, so you can experience it as Oneness. Because it connects polarities. It is meant for all people who have difficulties with the opposites in life. Like the polarity man-woman. Everyone who tends to see the other as a problem, opposes it, maybe even condemns it. This attunement helps to experience duality, but to be at the same time Oneness. Or what is called: to be in the world, but not of the world.

Because in this world of polarities you can get very easily entangled in the illusion that the other is your enemy. Which you have to resist, resulting in conflict and struggle. The fight against this illusion will not solve anything, and will only lead to disharmony. Yin Yang Love however, helps you to lovingly cope with duality, ensuring harmony inside and outside yourself.

Female or male as a body, feminine and masculine as a soul

The most visible form of duality are man and wife. This duality manifests itself physically in a rigid way in our bodies and gender. We cannot change just for one day from a female into a male body, or vice versa. But our souls contains both sides, masculine energy and feminine energy, equally. And we experience that continuously. For instance when we do something, we use our masculine energy. When we experience something, we use our feminine energy. They are two sides of the same coin.

Both sexual energies are present in our energy system, and flow through our body. Moreover, they always alternate with each other. It changes from the masculine to the feminine and back again. The more lovingly we cope with these sexual energies, the more lovingly we will experience this world with all its differences. Therefor Yin Yang Love was made.

Yin and Yang, the two different sides of unity

Duality could be seen as a unity with two different sides. It is the name for all polarities together. Like hot and cold, large and small, hard and soft. All are covered by the feminine energy (Yin) and the masculine energy (Yang). The one is not possible without the other. Because how much woman can you be if there were no men? And which man can feel himself man if there were no women? The one exists only because of the other.

The special thing is that the woman-feminine energy and the man-masculine energy are a mirror for each other. The man is the mirror in which you as a woman can experience yourself much more as female. The woman is the mirror which makes the man feel a lot more male. That they oppose each other is a stubborn illusion. To the contrary: together they form a wonderful unity.

The wonderful and loving play of Yin and Yang

Oneness needs Twoness, because without difference no experience. The Divine Father (masculine love energy) and the Divine Mother (feminine love energy) experience themselves and Oneness when they lose themselves in the other. They are beings/energies that play with each other, penetrate and envelop each other, change each other and together keep creating something new. Yin Yang Love are the Divine Father and the Divine Mother that love each other.

When Yin and Yang love each other there arises harmony and joy, and forms their collective creativity nothing but beauty. In miniature in the shape of a beautiful baby, or of the impressive universe. The polarities Yin and Yang enrich our experience. They give us many more options and many more ways to express ourselves. Yin Yang Love embraces the Divine Present of the polarities. That make life so much more interesting.

Yin Yang Love: diversity in unity

Once there was a dictatorship of the feminine energy. Now finally the dictatorship of the masculine energy starts to diminish. Any sensible person understands that struggle (disharmony) never can produce harmony. And that the struggle of the sexes doesn’t bring anyone benefit. Man and wife are a diversity in unity. Always when they meet in the name of Love, something beautiful emerges. Therefore, let us rather see and promote the good in each other.

Yin Yang Love helps with that by reconciling opposites, in yourself as well as outside of yourself. But also by embracing the power of the other, and share your power with love. Yin Yang Love will let you experience less conflict, discord, drama, and more Oneness. Quite a relief, right!?

Is mainly Yin or Yang out of balance, then you may want to choose Feminine Energy Love or Masculine Energy Love.