Whale Spirit


Whale Spirit lets you feel the essence of the whales. Like their relatives, the dolphins, they are human-like creatures that possess a great amount of grace and beauty. The whales are antennas for the universe and its vibrations. That is why whales can help you being better connected with the cosmos, with the greater whole.

Whale Spirit can be a good choice when you could use some extra power and steadiness. And be better centered. Or when you like to use their great wisdom and intelligence. Whales, as the oldest mammals on earth, are the wise elders who can help you live your life well with their great life experience. With Whale Spirit you can use the extraordinary energies of the whales.


Whale Spirit, being connected with the soul of the whales

The attunement Whale Spirit brings you in connection with the soul or spirit of the whales. Allowing you to become One on a deep level with these remarkable and respectable beings. They not only by their size command admiration and respect. But also by their aura of great wisdom and equanimity. Whales are the primordial inhabitants of Earth, having been here much longer than humanity. They are therefore considered life artists because of their great life force and flexibility.

Just like the dolphins whales are no animals but humanlike beings. They too live in a higher energy. Whales can advance us with their many qualities. And in addition, lift us into the Fifth Dimension with their high energy. Whale Spirit is made in cooperation with the whales and at the same time an ode to these wonderful water creatures. When you are looking for the wisdom and guidance the whales can give you, this can be a great attunement.

The energetic role of the whales

Just like the dolphins, the whales play a very special energetic role in the distribution of high cosmic energies. Whales are antennas for light energy. They make sure that light energy from the cosmos is passed on to the oceans, and anchored in Mother Earth. And also to the network of lay lines spread throughout the earth. This network, like the organ meridians in the human body, known from acupuncture, ensures that this energy is further distributed. Healing for Mother Earth.

This is important because Gaia needs these energies to thrive. This keeps all kinds of ecosystems and areas on Earth functioning well energetically. In addition, this also applies to the inhabitants of Mother Earth. Because this protects us as inhabitants from many negative energies. And this also supports our spiritual development.

For wisdom and intelligence: Whale Spirit

Since whales have lived so long on the earth, there isn’t much that can bring them out of balance. Whale energy therefore represents evenness and persistence. For not letting yourself be overly influenced by your surroundings. Whale energies are good for people that are imbalanced and find it hard to stay true to oneself. Whale Spirit can give people who are too fickle and fidgety steadfastness and fortitude. And give you the feeling: you’re okay as you are, just be your Self.

Whales are beings of great wisdom. Where dolphins have a youthful and carefree appearance, whales represent the wise elders. That help you with their longstanding life experience to live a better life. Whales are very intelligent beings too. Whale Spirit can let your own, often deeply hidden wisdom surface and increase your intelligence. It’s also said that whale energies have a healing impact on our DNA and can activate sleeping DNA.

The musicians of the oceans

Whales navigate with ease between the raging waves. Nor are they easily upset. Making Whale Spirit a good option when you could use their power and steadiness. But also when you like to do more with your subconsciousness, that harbors many treasures and talents. Whales are called the masters of the subconsciousness. Because whales dive to great depths. And deep waters symbolize our subconsciousness.

Whales are also the musicians of the oceans and the masters of communication. They have their own language, which they echo over great distances. To their peers and to anyone else who wants to listen. Their singing has a meditative effect for many people. It is very harmonious and rich in a variety of vibrations. This Whale Music can touch you deeply and often gives us a sense of Universal Connectedness. Also because of the aura of grandeur that characterizes these loved water beings.

The peaceful and gentle energies of Whale Spirit

The attunement Whale Spirit is recommendable for anyone that likes whales. And feels connected to them. Whales are in many ways unique and always authentic. And it is wonderful to be allowed to use their beautiful 5D energies. These beautiful beings also make the ascension process easier, and can help you become more multidimensional.

Whale Spirit feels like a peaceful, gentle and loving energy. Somewhat similar to the energy of a grandfather or grandmother with whom you have a fine and trusting relationship. And who gives you help and protection. Whale Energy is healing, meditative and relaxing. Perhaps it helps you to find peace within yourself. And so be able to use more of your abilities and talents, and live your own life. Exactly as the whales show us.