Violet Ray


The Violet Ray, also called Violet Flame or Violet Fire, is part of the Universal Rays or Divine Rays. Color Energies that have a very deep effect and are very nice to use. The purifying Violet Ray will help you to transform many negative energies into positive ones. It can for instance help you to transform diseases. Or to cleanse your aura as often as you like. With that the Violet Ray gives you a very nice feeling of freedom.

The Violet Ray or Flame is a wonderful spiritual tool. It can be used to reduce unwanted behaviors, addictions and unwanted patterns. The Violet Ray is the tool to make changes more easy and comfortable. Also it is a valuable tool with ascension symptoms. Are you looking for a protective and effective spiritual tool, and a wonderful energy to always have at hand? Then the Violet Ray is a fine choice.



Violet Ray, Violet Flame, Violet Fire

The Violet Ray is also called the Violet Flame or Violet Fire. This is a very important tool in spirituality. It is the ray or flame of the Aquarius Age, that helps all kinds of positive changes to materialize. So this ray is very suitable for this time of changes. Love is with Light the highest energy that exists in the universe. When a beam of light shines through a prism, the light breaks into a beautiful rainbow of 7 basic colors. Of these 7 basic colors violet is the color with the highest energy frequency. Violet is the color of Chakra 7, the Crown Chakra. It is the door to the spiritual world, the higher dimensions, where life is more enjoyable.

Universal Rays, Cosmic Rays, Divine Rays

As this prim shows the full light spectrum can be divided into rays. Every ray represents another aspect of creation, a different level of consciousness. And you can do certain things with it, depending on the characteristics of every ray or flame. This is one of the rays that are called the Universal Rays, Cosmic Rays or the Divine Rays. Every ray with its own special and deep effects. Every ray also has a light master or ascended master who manages this ray, and keeps it pure. With this Violet Ray it is Saint Germain. By the way: Violet Ray, Violet Flame or Violet Fire are all names for the same energy, with exactly the same effect.

Purification, transformation, transmutation

The Violet Ray of purification, transformation and transmutation is used since long by the light masters to accelerate their spiritual development. Not so long ago this wondrous energy also became available to us. It is a versatile spiritual energy tool. Physically it can purify your body, for example from viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms. It can also transform various negative energies. Use it for instance to cleanse your aura on a daily basis, and to give yourself a feeling of protection. Because where the Violet Ray is, no negativity can come in. Or use it to transform impurities in your body, even in your body cells. Causing them to vibrate more quickly, very good for your spiritual development. This ray can transform unwanted behavior, addictions and unwanted patterns. And even transmute it, change it into pure light. This pure light can then be used for any positive changes.

Dissolving karma with the Violet Ray

Working with the Violet Ray gives you a feeling of freedom. This energy transforms negative energies into positive energies. It dissolves several problems and restrictive conditions, making you feel revitalized and freed from several negativities. It makes our body and aura cleaner and lighter. A very special characteristic of the Violet Ray: it can dissolve karma. Karma in fact is the Law of Cause and Effect. It is the negative ballast from this life and past lives that holds our vibration down. What can often let us end up in difficult situations, and that calls for a positive answer. That positive answer gives this wondrous spiritual energy for us. It brings lightness into our existence. The feeling that you are going in the right direction and that new and better opportunities glimmer on the horizon.

The ascension process we all have to deal with

The attunement Violet Ray is in itself already extremely valuable and worthwhile, used besides an attunement like Let Go and Let In. But it is also a fine tool for ascension. The process of energy change that lifts the energy up from dimension 3 to dimension 5. Our energy as well as that of Mother Earth and all life that she carries. Because ascension is vibration increase, and increase of consciousness as well. And that is what every ray is doing and this one in particular. This process really started in 2012 and will take some more years to let all the physical and spiritual changes happen. It brings us a much better, more honest and loving world, the Golden Age. And a vitalized body that is less sensitive to disease and aging. Another good reason enough for such an outstanding energy tool as the Violet Ray or Violet Flame.