Theta Brainwaves

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Theta Brainwaves is ideal to feel comfortable and relaxed. It is a very good energy to meditate, and to get more experienced in meditation. Theta Waves give the tranquility in your head so you are not overwhelmed by thoughts. Enhancing your creativity, making you more open to new ideas. And it is also a good energy for learning and study.

Whether you use Theta Brainwaves for a proper connection between the hemispheres. Bringing balance between your masculine energies and feminine energies. To encourage a good memory and an improved ability to learn. Or to meditate easier … Theta Brainwaves is a very nice attunement and very relaxing. Also your physical health will benefit from it.

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A carefree attitude with the Theta Brainwaves

With the Theta Brainwaves you will feel wonderfully relaxed. They make your brain very quiet. The Theta brain activity lies between 4 and 7 Hertz. The Theta consciousness state is well expressed by the carefree attitude of young children. Children are often very flexible and take life as it comes, enjoying the moment. Theta waves are the dominant brainwaves in young children, until about 13 years.

And they are also measured a lot during the so-called REM sleep, when we are dreaming. However, Theta is also part of the edges of sleep, when we are falling asleep or waking up from sleeping. Sometimes we feel like being pulled out of a pleasant situation and dropped back in our stressful world. Where we have to perform and sell ourselves to ensure a safe existence. Theta Brainwaves helps then to keep you relaxed.

The helpful coherence between the hemispheres

When you come into the Theta consciousness state, this creates more consistency between the hemispheres. And that of course has great advantages. Two know more than one, and integration of your masculine and feminine abilities obviously creates more possibilities. Logic and straightforwardness then will be alternated by playfulness and fantasy. Through the cooperation of the hemispheres, you can use the capabilities of both much better. And they also affect each other positively. Also the Theta Brainwaves will bring you more easy in contact with your sub consciousness. So you have access to information that may be very valuable.

In addition, Theta is very suitable for reprogramming your subconscious mind. So you can delete unwanted programming and beliefs. And reprogram it with things you like. For example affirmations. Besides Theta Brainwaves increase your problem solving ability. You get more grip on situations and will easier find good and creative solutions.

Theta Brainwaves, good for creativity and inspiration

Theta Brainwaves work very calming and centering. You don’t lose yourself as easy and your attention changes naturally from the outside world to the inside world. That makes you more receptive for inspiration. For a mood in which creativity finds fertile ground, as well as the possibilities to let your creativity flourish. Theta Brainwaves are common among musicians, artists, performers, designers. Actually, in all kinds of creative people. And certainly in people who are blessed with new ideas and who can think outside the box.

Theta Waves combine the ability to have a quiet mind and being receptive for creative ideas at the same time. And have the ability and the energy to make something beautiful out of it. It creates a framework in which creative people feel comfortable and can do their thing. So Theta Brainwaves is therefore ideally suited for anyone who likes to increase his creativity.

Mental peace, meditation and Super Learning

Theta also helps if you are looking for mental peace. It is a good attunement for people who are very restless in their heads. Chronical, work related or because of some other reason. Good for people who continue to worry and have thought after thought. Theta Brainwaves makes your mind relax. This makes it a fine attunement for meditation. Alpha is the most suitable one to learn to meditate, Theta to improve your meditation abilities, and Delta to use meditation to develop special spiritual talents. Theta for example teaches you to let go of thoughts, that can disturb your meditation.

A special quality of the Theta Brainwaves is memory improvement. You can train your memory with it, both your short-term memory and long term memory. This sometimes give such amazing results that it is called Super Learning. The free Attunement Guide that you receive when buying this attunement, will tell you how.

The many good qualities of Theta Brainwaves

In Theta you are more attached to your natural emotions and there is more mental but also emotional peace. Theta Waves is the energy of daydreaming, fantasizing and visualization. They make you more intuitive and inspired. You make better decisions so you can easier achieve your goals.

The example shows that people who are less sensitive to stress, worries, fears and neuroses often produce much more Theta Brainwaves. And of course you can also turn that around. Do you want to do something about your stress, worries, fears, neuroses? Then start working with Theta Brainwaves. Your body will then produce less stress hormones. It can also help you with a depression. You’re doing your body, your thoughts and your perception of the world a great pleasure. Theta gives you a greater sense of freedom, and you can use your possibilities in a more creative way. Because of its many positive qualities Theta Brainwaves is highly recommended.