Surrender is a wonderful energy that is very soothing. Surrender will help to clear resistances. Helping the opposition from the ego diminishing. You will notice that Surrender can make you less tensed. That a lot of stress seems to disappear. It gives you confidence in life and the place you are allowed to take in it. Helping you to be yourself and to better live your own life. Making it less important what others think about that. By surrendering to the Divine World you will experience an inner peace that is very comforting. And it helps you to open up for what is good for you.

You can surrender to love, life, all that arouses a sense of beauty in you, the things that make you enthusiastic. Or that what you find pleasant, like the embrace of the person who loves you. Go with life’s flow and just surrender to all that is good and healing for you.
Surrender helps with: stress, more confidence, pain, emotional pain as well as chronical pain. And to make love, intimacy and sexuality more easy and worthwhile.



Giving the flow of life your confidence

The attunement Surrender is a very pleasing, soft energy, resembling how young children and young animals are: take life as it comes, and it will work in your favor. Just trust the flow of life. You could see the picture before you of a puppy or kitten that is lying before you on its back. Or a baby with its little arms and legs in the air. An attitude that expresses: I trust you and the world, I know you will answer my softness with softness. That my love will touch the love in you, and that I will get your love in return. Spiritual Surrender, that only opens for and submits to the Divine World, awakens softness and tenderness in people who are not too hardened. Giving the need to stop fighting and seek the connection.

Stopping the battle is very relaxing

The power of Surrender lies in the fact that it does not start a fight, knowing that it only will bring on new fights. That there only will be losers, no winners. Even though the ego will deny that every time again. Warlike people will constantly introduce new arguments why fighting is the solution. And will never tell precisely when finally all those fights and wars will come to an end. You bet they won’t!

Addicted to fighting, with being better as an excuse

Fight is infinitely addictive, just like the manipulations of the ego, from which war and conflict arise time and again. Fueled by the idea that we, our religion, culture, country, and whatever brings us apart, are obviously better. And of course the others have an ego that feels itself superior too. Surrendering to your Self and to Life works very detaching from the ego. It changes resistance in acceptance, replaces the desire to control by trust. And is therefore very relaxing and de-stressing. As if you are lying in a hot bath, being delightfully caressed, or are in any other way enjoying life.

The smooth way to overcome problems

The attunement Surrender may be helpful to simply and without resistance letting be the things you cannot change. Surrendering to Love and Life is liberating and soothing. Surrendering is very good for people who lack some softness and gentleness. Who lack a certain flexibility in dealing with life, and find it hard to entrust themselves to the flow of life. It helps any person that experiences life often as a struggle. Persons who sometimes seem to go from one problem to the other. Therefore it may sound very contradictory, but surrender brings victory. Victory of problems, victory of that annoying and nagging feeling, victory of pain, victory of stress that keeps guiding you …

Surrendering to what is good for you

Just let go of control. Control doesn’t work. It makes that in you is present what you don’t want to be present: it feeds pain, it keeps you tense, anxious and prepared for the worst. That which is undesirable will continue to chase you when you don’t choose something better. Life can only then help you when you open up for what it likes to give you. When you are in Surrender. When your fears, resistances and judgments don’t form a blockage anymore. And when your ego doesn’t obstruct, and tries to deny what is good for you. You can surrender to good things like love, the flow of life, the enthusiasm when beginning something new. Enjoying the warming sun and the good things of life, or the warm embrace of your lover … Surrender yourself, to whatever is good for you.