Spiritual Package


The Spiritual Package helps you to improve your spirituality. We are all a spiritual being, here on earth to grow spiritually. Light and Love is the main purpose of spirituality, that’s why I offer the Basic Package and, even more important, the Higher Self Package. But there are things that can hamper spirituality or make it difficult. Blockades that can slow down your growth towards Light and Love considerably.

Therefore the Spiritual Package is available. 5 attunements that can remove blockades and negative energies in different areas and different ways. The Spiritual Package consists of these 5 attunements: Grounding, Compassion, Let In and Let Go, Forgiveness and Violet Ray. Every one of them important spiritual tools to facilitate and accelerate your spiritual growth.



Supporting our spirituality with the Spiritual Package

The Spiritual Package consists of 5 attunements that supports different sides of our spirituality. Spirituality and spiritual growth is what we are here for on earth. Although it certainly does not look like it, when we observe this world of money and economy. However, many people begin to feel and understand that they are not an economic being, but a spiritual being. And that, as a spiritual being, we need attention and support to let it thrive. This Spiritual Package can help you with this. The Spiritual Package is intended to create conditions in which we and our spirituality can flourish better.

Help for your spiritual growth

With the Spiritual Package you have 5 attunements that can create beneficial spiritual conditions. So your spiritual development, growing towards Light and Love, experiences as few bumps and problems as possible. It’s a package that can remove many blockades that can trouble our spirituality. This beautiful package contains 5 tools that can support and facilitate our spiritual growth. So that it can develop faster. The basis of spirituality is formed by Light (Consciousness) and Love. For this purpose, the Higher Self Package is intended. The Spiritual Package is a supporting package for growing your Light and Love, that you can do both before and after these two packages. And without it too.

The 5 attunements of the Spiritual Package

This Spiritual Package contains this 5 attunements: Grounding, Compassion, Let In and Let Go, Forgiveness and Violet Ray. Read a brief description of these 5 attunements below.

Grounding: keeping both feet on the ground

When you are is well-grounded, you are well-connected to your body and to Mother Earth. You are then the connection between heaven and earth, necessary for spirituality. Grounding or Earthing means you keep calm and steady, and feel good about your body. So you can do better for what you are here on earth. Want to know more? Read Grounding.

Compassion: being connected through kind-heartedness

People with compassion are friendly and gentle people. Trying to be there for others who can use their help. Compassion makes you feeling the pain and grief of others. Understanding the problems people have. Compassion provides a connection between people, which is able to solve problems. Want to know more? Read Compassion.

Let In and Let Go: releasing the unwanted, inviting the desired

Life is change, and going with the flow of life is a good spiritual habit. Letting Go help you to release all which doesn’t serve your Highest Good. Such as negative energies, blockades, problems or unpleasant conditions. Letting In helps to attract that which does serve your Highest Good. Such as love, power and better conditions. Let In and Let Go: 2 wonderful spiritual tools in one attunement. Want to know more? Read Let In and Let Go.

Forgiveness: coping lovingly with negativity from the ego

Forgiveness chooses love where the ego chooses for shame, blame and punishment. Who forgives can leave something there where it belongs: when it happened. And does no longer confuse act and offender. Forgiveness offers the other (or yourself) who said or did something unlovingly, the space to choose something better. Forgiveness is indispensable for spiritual growth. Want to know more? Read Forgiveness.

Violet Ray: spiritual tool for purification and transformation

The Violet Ray is the tool for spiritual development. Also known under the names of Violet Flame and Violet Fire. It is one of the Universal Rays or Divine Rays. This ray is very purifying and transformative. It is very important to transform karma, to purify your energy, and for the ascension process in which we take part. Want to know more? Read the Violet Ray.

Package Information
Package NameSpiritual Package
Number5 attunements
AttunementsGrounding, Compassion, Let In and Let Go, ForgivenessViolet Ray
Single Price145 Euro
Package Price116 Euro