Source of Wealth


Source of Wealth could be seen as a fountain of abundance. Which is ready to spray when you are open to receive wealth and abundance. Whether in the form of a new love, the home of your dreams, that wonderful celebration or that great holiday. Wealth occurs in thousands of ways, as long as you think receiving is possible. Let with this attunement the abundance of life fully flow your way.

In a world where some have everything and others have nothing, the awareness of lack has many followers. This awareness we have to change in an awareness of abundance. Because what you radiate is what you attract. Source of Wealth helps you to radiate abundance and attract wealth. A sublime feeling.


The generous donator of abundance: Source of Wealth

Source of Wealth is a generous donator: she has everything in abundance in stock. For any heart that desires it, and for whoever will delight in it. Wealth comes from the full life, and life is rich. It is abundance which can show itself in every aspect. As the rays of the sun, that give every living creature on earth their warmth and comfort.

Source of Wealth is a wonderful energy that likes to give you anything you’d like to have. As long as you can and want to receive it. Because wealth will only flow well towards that what can embrace it fully. It needs your attraction. Love, Confidence, Joy and Good Intentions form the magnet that attracts everything to manifest your heart desires. To create together with others or alone something worthwhile and a good life.

More than financial wealth alone

Wealth and abundance in the energy world are taken for granted. All energies are available to play with, to arouse your interest. And to stimulate your lust to discover and explore. They are there to taste and enjoy. Actually to make all facets of life you like, to your world of experience. And the more wealth and abundance will be disseminated and shared, the more fun we all can have with it.

Naturally, many of us will initially think of financial wealth. To have enough money to just live a decent life. After all we are living in a world where some people think they should have it all. Who are too narrow-minded to give others their fair share. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of poverty, regarding compassion and generosity for example. Source of Wealth can be used for that as well.

Source of Wealth and the many facets of wealth and abundance

Yet there is enough for everyone, as long as we share everything freely. There is enough love, there is plenty of cordiality, there is enough kindness. It all depends on what your love chooses. In addition to financial wealth, being rich, there are many other forms of wealth imaginable. Wealth and abundance exist in incredibly many facets. Our imagination is the only limiting factor here.

You can think of a wonderful environment to live in, a dream house, a fine job, that loving partner. The parents and brothers and sisters that you have been given, or the children you are blessed with. Or take the many experiences that have enriched your life. Be grateful for all the beauty that you already have. Gratitude helps, just as Source of Wealth.

Give in abundance, receive in abundance

With Source of Wealth and the unbridled imagination of a child, you can attract whatever you want. And giving is the best way of receiving. It is the magnet that attracts abundance. Which initiates the flow of abundance, and what it then can let flow towards you.

Give a smile to those who do not feel loved. Or give a pat on the back of someone who has a hard time. Be generous to people who apparently have made wrong choices. And do not judge the way they walk through life. Give more often some of your love, joy, cordiality and acknowledgement to whom it likes to receive. Here Source of Wealth can help you too. And be happy to receive the good that is given to you too.

Source of Wealth, to feel rich in many ways

With Source of Wealth you may feel that there is much more where this came from. It’s a very good idea to think or say this every time you have a pleasant experience. Ensure balance between giving and receiving. Therefore be generous with love, trust, warmth, friendliness and more of those beautiful things. Give generous and receive generous. The greater your confidence, receptivity, your love for abundance, the more can flow your way. Which you then can share with others.

Wealth and abundance are in fact merely the possibilities of life. The toys to make your creations possible. Because playing is so much nicer than holding back and begrudging. Therefore be rich in many ways. Give everybody everything and nothing but the very best, including yourself. Grant yourself this wonderful attunement Source of Wealth. And be with gratitude open to nothing but good.