Source of Trust


Source of Trust is that wonderful feeling that you are good as you are. The self-confidence and courage that makes you feel supported to fully be your Self. So that you can feel confident to make your life to something beautiful.

Source of Trust helps with all sorts of doubt, uncertainty, indecision and mistrust. It strengthens your self-confidence and increases the belief in what you can and what you are. Do not let anyone or anything put into your head that you are not of worth. How you should be is only determined by you, and who you want to be you may choose every time from anew. This attunement is without any doubt an excellent investment in yourself. Because on Source of Trust you can built.


With Source of Trust knowing deep down inside that you are good

The attunement Source of Trust is about knowing, deep down inside, that you are good as you are. That you are a perfect Divine Soul, who deserves love and respect. Trust or confidence means being connected to that inner knowing. Source of Trust also is about being faithful to your Self and the Divine.

Trust is the basis on which you’ll find support for life. It is the energy that helps you to be your Self and do the things that feel good. This lets well up feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment in you. What you do with trust comes easily, feels better and brings success, spiritual success. Self-confidence recognizes that you are here on earth by your own choice. Where personal problems may not disappear all at once. But will reduce. And that it will bring something beautiful: spiritual growth. This gives you a good and satisfied feeling. Knowing that you are living a meaningful life.

The outer world that tries to change you

Doubt, uncertainty, indecision, mistrust … A lack of self-confidence is something that occurs in many people. Especially when you seek the spiritual path. And therefore often have to find your way in a new world. It is also true that you often are made insecure. Because there are so many people and circumstances that are trying to change you. Your parents like you obediently to do what is being said. School tries to make you ready for an economic system, without honoring and respecting your Divine Being.

With good friends you fortunately can be your Self. But the bigger the group, the more difficult that can be. Being your Self and expressing that is perhaps the most difficult task you have set yourself. And only few manage to do that well. The basis for this is and will remain: self-confidence. Source of Trust is the attunement that supports and increases this self-confidence.

Trusting your Self, with Source of Trust

Trusting your own energy, your feelings and your own idea about the world, is a great gift to yourself. Whatever the rest of the world may say and think about that. Trusting and having faith in yourself is also the basis for trust and faith in the world. Once we are removed from our own security and our base, our experience of this life immediately will diminish. And that again makes that doubt and uncertainty get a grip on us, possibly bringing us into a negative spiral. Which sooner or later will also show in our outer world.

Once we think less than the very best about ourselves, others will too. Once we start doubting ourselves, others already know that we are failures. That we are no good, aren’t the right student, employee, girlfriend / boyfriend or partner. That is why self-confidence is so very important. And that Source of Trust can do you so good.

All the things you can rely on so fine

Source of Trust is all about self-confidence. Your Higher Self and Divine Self is the source of knowledge, skills, Light and Love … All those things that you can rely on so fine. And that give you such a good feeling about your Self, and your choice for this earthly life. Without trust, confidence, faith, it just will not go that well.

You make those little mistakes that you otherwise wouldn’t have made. You sooner think negative and do not have such a positive self-image. There will arise uncomfortable situations, friction, problems. People are less nice for you, and tend to take you less seriously. All because you’re not well attuned to your Self. The uncertainty in yourself then transfers to others. This makes that the people you meet become uncertain about you.

Source of Trust, destroyer of doubt and fear

And then Source of Trust is helpful: a very soft and pleasant energy that feels very familiar. Because of that feeling you know that all you need already is present in your Self. Or that it will be available for you at the right time. So you can easily follow your own path. Have faith in your Self, believe in your Self. It will do you good and bring you so many good things.

Trust, confidence, is the destroyer of doubt and fear of life. And will fill your life with more and more courage and lust for life. It is the fulfillment of a daily requirement: that you are still where you want to be. Not others are in charge of that, only you. Because only you can feel inside what is right. Source of Trust gives you this basis of certainty, which makes your life so much smoother and better.