Source of Power


Source of Power is the attunement to give you more energy for when you are tired and burned out. For when your flow is gone. But also when things don’t go well enough, when you experience a lack of power. Or when you find it hard to get the energy together and create the conditions for starting a new project. And bring that to a good end.

Source of Power gives you the power and energy, the vigor and the perseverance to focus on the things you like to get done. It helps you to gather your inner strength and use it properly. It breaks down little by little the blockages that prevent that. And feels like you’re in charge again. A good energy to stand in your power.



Power for body, mind and soul

Source of Power is a wonderful attunement for those who can use some more energy. For when you are often tired or exhausted. This energy is not only perfect for when you feel weak and sick, and you would welcome some kind support and loving care. Source of Power stands for energy, power and strength in all its forms. It is effective for body, soul and spirit, and therefore works in all important areas. It is an attunement that helps you to stand in your power. To see and feel where your power is and what you could do with it. You can therefore use this attunement very good to be able to achieve those things that reflect your heart desires. The things you really like to do, but for what you have to find the courage and strength needed for that.

Being aware of your energy flowing

Power or life force is the power plug of our body, personality and mind. It is the energy source which you use to feed all processes that take place. Physical and non-physical processes. You use power when you are going to do something. You can be aware of that by paying attention to the flow of your energy. When does it start, where do you feel it flows, how long is it going on …? It can also occur in the form of will: will is the button you need to press in order to start the power engine. Source of Power also stands for decisiveness. Decisiveness cannot exist without the will to do something. So it’s a combination of willpower and decisiveness. You decide what you want, when and how, Source of Power helps you to free up the energy to bring it in existence.

Not standing in your power: blockades

A special form of not standing in your power is caused by blockades. A blockade is power that is there but isn’t used. Energy Blockades occur very often because you don’t want something, don’t allow it or think you can’t do it. That can all be programmed by yourself in your subconscious mind, as a result of bad experiences. But can also occur by what the outside world talks into your head or requires you to do. Blockades are often associated with doubt, suspicion, guilt, shame, fear, lack of confidence and self-esteem. And when giving yourself to little space for your self-expression. Source of Power can prevent blockades, reduce them and even remove the smaller ones reasonably fast. It also gives you a different choice: I want to be in my power, and blockades are in fact a denial of my own strength.

Source of Power, for any kind of weakness

The attunement Source of Power is a valuable energy for anyone who wants to find and use his own inner strength. Very suitable for any kind of weakness. But also for people with burnout or small or large fatigue complaints, such as CFS. Whether you become tired of the situation you are in, the people around you or yourself. Source of Power is also suited for people who expected more from life. Who have difficulties with the demands and pace of the world of money and economics. The same for those persons who often wait for the outside world to see their own wishes manifested. And therefore would be wiser to use their own power. Use Source of Power to give energy to all your wishes and desires. Then you will always and with joy stand in your power.