Source of Positivity


Source of Positivity is there for all people who could use some extra sun rays and good experiences in their lives. For anyone who finds life sometimes difficult, and has depressed thoughts. Or is affected too much by all the negativity of this world. It is the attunement for anyone who would like to contribute to a positive world.

Do not throw in the towel when things don’t go the way you would like. With positive thinking and a positive attitude you will reach much further than with condemning, blaming and shaming, or despair. For every problem there is a good solution. And Source of Positivity always helps to deal well with problems and challenges. Source of Positivity: a positive choice for people who want to live positively.


The good answer to many vital questions: Source of Positivity

The attunement Source of Positivity is ideal for people who want their life differently and better. Positivity and optimism make that much more will be possible, that you can choose things that are fun. With a positive attitude it’s all much easier. Positivity is a way of life that changes the red traffic lights to green and opens doors. Then other people will be more easy to get along with and are willing to cooperate.

Positivity feels much nicer too. Things that are possible create energy, they let creative energy flow. Things that are impossible just make you tired, spiritless and depressive. Positive people feel happier, see the good things in life and make it easier to drift with the flow of life. Positivity is the right answer to the many vital questions that life poses. And the fine way to change difficulties into challenges.

Positive thinking and a positive approach

A good way of thinking is: do I want to be the problem, or do I prefer to be the solution? Do I choose to make things difficult? Or will I give it an extra push and a pat on the back, so things will go easy and in the right direction? A positive approach to life means meeting the needs that most people cherish. Life is pleasant, we will not let arise any unnecessary difficulties. And together we will solve any difficult issues that may arise, in an effective and pleasant way.

A positive attitude very often will be followed by self-confidence. People who believe in themselves are positive and optimistic. They know the possibilities, know that it is easier that way. That life is more enjoyable and becomes simpler with fewer disagreements. A positive aura attracts positive experiences. And Source of Positivity helps you with that.

Being negative attracts negative experiences

There may be a big difference between negative and positive. A negative attitude demonstrates aversion, distrust and doubt. And is characterized by qualifications as unfriendly, useless, unsympathetic and disagreeable. These are people that so often bring problems and bad experiences. People you rather avoid. By a negative attitude you indicate that you’re waiting for negative experiences.

By an aura of mistrust and doubt you actually tell the universe: in my experience things cannot be enjoyable and fun. And the negative experiences you attract with that confirm your idea. But the good news is: negativism works just as strong as positivism. It is whatever you choose. Are you choosing Source of Positivity, then you choose to reduce negativism and increase positivism.

Choosing for a positive attitude

A positive attitude radiates joy, optimism and enthusiasm. Laughing is healthy, being depressed isn’t. Being positive works contagious, just like laughing, it’s an invitation to join. This makes it easier for you to deal with disappointments. It is expressed with words and concepts such as benevolent, easygoing, good to work with, a pleasure to have around. Positive people aren’t looking for problems, but seeking solutions.

Think about the difference between a teacher who always tells you: you’re no good and you will never learn it. Or a teacher who sees your abilities clearly, and tries to bring out the best in you. Consider what it does to someone when you constantly emphasize their weaknesses, and ignore their good sides. With Source of Positivity you choose to see the good in people. And to radiate with your positive attitude optimism and enthusiasm.

Source of Positivity, for those who like it easy

Source of Positivity is very suitable for people who feel that life is a struggle. That things so often go wrong. Feeling you are the one that always has the misfortune, that all is so arduously and difficult. Who wouldn’t welcome it when things would go nice and easy for a while. With Source of Positivity you will better learn to see the bright side of life. You will laugh more often. Then your feelings will change for the better and your attitude will become more pleasant and lighter.

You become more attentive to the golden midway. Which brings people into your life who are friendly and love to laugh. People who are in for something new, who dislike trouble, and are looking for win-win situations. Source of Positivity is really a very nice attunement to make life a little easier for yourself. And to experience life as a pleasure worth living.