Source of Peace


Source of Peace is a soft and soothing energy, which can silence the inner turmoil. But also helps to mitigate resistance and opposition caused by our ego. And let it eventually disappear. Peace brings softness in your life. Making that a lot of energy can be released to use for fine and useful things. While your ego starts to behave better.

Are you tired of that annoying itch, that makes you do things, but never delivers? Are you getting bored with that inner nag, that compelling voice playing for dictator? Source of Peace lets you live out of softness and harmony. And that’s a much better alternative than the separation and eternal struggle of our ego.

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The blessing of your inner being: Source of Peace

The attunement Source of Peace is a blessing for your inner being, and your relationships. Peace is an inner condition in which nothing is needed, with no shortage, in which all is well as it is. The serene state of feeling peacefulness and being satisfied with your situation. With Source of Peace you can detect inner resistance and opposition, and it helps you to release that with a smile. It is the renouncing of inappropriate desires, of things that in fact don’t serve you at all. Things you do not really want to have, but keep nagging. What becomes clear by the relief you often feel when finally releasing it.

Peacefulness, being at peace with yourself, tells you that there is self-acceptance and you’re no longer directed by your ego. And that also promotes being in peace with others, with the world. Because who radiates peace, evokes peace. Then you work toward a peaceful world.

Separation as a source of problems

Source of Peace has a very special quality: it can put ego activities in a lower gear. The ego is very good in causing separation. Ensuring that distance is created between you and someone else. This every time proofs to be a source of problems. The ego very much emphasizes difference, so that it can make you look good and the other bad. This creates a gap between you and the other person. Making it easier for you to see the other as unpleasant, loveless, inacceptable, even less human. And perhaps as a threat or even an outright enemy.

It is this kind of inner nagging that never stops. An attempt to bring you into an inner conflict every time. Making the other the bad one and you the good guy. Which will then give you the justification for bad behavior, potentially leading to an outer conflict.

Use Source of Peace for expressions of discontent

Frequently we have un underlying energy inside us, which keeps nagging. Showing some sort of irritation towards people, situations, views and beliefs. This not only brings oppression and resistance. It can express itself in things like dissatisfaction, always thinking to be right. Reacting with emotions as anger or irritation. Or having an attitude that expresses no equality, no respect, and certainly no love. But rather things like dislike, repugnance, unwillingness, dishonesty and obstruction.

There is often some form of discord, dissatisfaction. And there must be something to moan about: egoistic discontent. Because what will happen if you would look in the mirror? Then you would see your own mistakes and this ego game of course wouldn’t work anymore. Source of Peace can very well disarm this resistance and opposition, and other negative attitudes.

Inner Peace and Outer Peace

Peace is an attitude and a conviction: with peace relationships work, our society works and our world works. Discontent, discord, conflict and war are the outer manifestations of inner things that are not in harmony. An attitude that thinks that violence can be a solution. And ignores it always turns out the same way: one conflict provokes the next conflict.

Peace comes always from within, any true tranquility and peacefulness is Inner Peace. Source of Peace is an attunement that creates this Inner Peace, which makes so serene. And Inner Peace knows you don’t need anything from the other. Like being respected, being liked, being of need, fulfillment of needs. They are only superficial substitutes for Inner Peace that will never be truly satisfying.

Source of Peace: help against the illusions of this world

Peace is a choice and a way to let the windmills of the ego stay in the ego. To ignore the illusions of the world, because of lacking every importance. Source of Peace is very satisfying, because it is the freedom of not having the need. Of letting go what you don’t need, nor what serves you. Such as dissatisfaction, frustrations, annoyances and disillusions. Inner Peace and Serenity admitting in its place.

Inner Peace therefore is a very expensive gift and cannot be bought by all the gold of the world. It is the only peace that has a long, even an unlimited shelf life. And out of Inner Peace, sooner or later comes Outer Peace. And wouldn’t that be a tremendous gift, a gift to yourself and to all you interact with …? Source of Peace can bring you this gift.