Source of Love


Source of Love is a wonderful gift to give yourself, and to let flow into the world. Love is not only the energy you were made of, and the most natural energy there is. Love also makes life easier and gives nice experiences. As a result, you begin to experience your life as more fulfilling and valuable. On top of that it strengthens the relationship with your loved ones, is healing and gives you nice feelings.

Source of Love is pure love from the Divine Source. It makes you kinder, more tolerant and caring, and brings Oneness. This delightful attunement lets you radiate love to everyone that gives you warm feelings. And naturally, from this Love Source only comes Unconditional Love.

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Filling your whole being with Source of Love … Heavenly!

Source of Love is a wonderful attunement, because love is the finest of all feelings. An energy where you delightfully can bath yourself in, and filling your entire being with. Allowing you to feel completely fresh and pure again. As if love is flowing in from all directions into your being. And your entire being is lovingly embraced.

Being full of love feels soft and nice and makes you experience life easier and lighter. Love is the most natural thing there is, it is literally the energy that you are made of. Source of Love is the energy that you are, the energy that makes you live. Love in its purest form, purely from the Divine Source, is a gift to yourself to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Feeling love means feeling well

When you feel love, you are experiencing the Divine. That’s why love, all-embracing love, feels so awesome. Love is all there is and all there will ever be. All the rest is an illusion, however real it may seem. It is our life purpose to experience love. As often as possible, and with everyone we come into contact with. Whenever you feel love, you feel good. Good feelings are the way our Divinity lets us know that we are lovingly, that we are doing loving things.

Love shows itself in Kindness, Affection, Care, Helpfulness, Acceptance, Compassion, Tolerance, Freedom, Enthusiasm … Actually, in everything you can regard as positive. Source of Love stimulates all these positive qualities. And helps you to integrate all these positive qualities ever more into your life.

The big difference between fear and love

Being lovingly and staying lovingly is not always easy. This is caused by all kinds of circumstances, demands and pressure exerted on us. These again are coming from fear. Fear and love are the two biggest polarities that exist.

Fear likes to have, to feel itself safe. Love likes to give and does not require anything. Fear feels itself safer by keeping hidden, afraid of being exposed to guilt and shame. Love exposes itself without a problem, because it knows that nothing is more beautiful and more charming than love. Anxiety clings, chains and suffocates, it always wants to keep control. Love leaves free, blessing everyone’s choice and will never force anyone. Anxiety causes problems. Love solves problems. Fear condemns. Love embraces. Once you see it clearly, the choice is not difficult. Source of Love gives you all the benefits Love has to offer.

Fear disappears where love nears

Source of Love is off course unconditional love. Love never sets conditions, because then it would be no love. Everything that sets conditions is showing fear, some form of fear. Like the fear of not having enough, not being safe, not being of importance or not being good enough. Every time you are leaving your love, there can arise fears. For example fear of life, fear of death, fear of missing out. Fear is ego, an illusion, a form of separation. Do not attempt to take fear too serious. Because the more you take fear seriously, the more you suffer from fear.

Better try as much and as often as possible to be lovingly. Love is the best answer to fear, ego, illusions and separation. To all those things that bring problems and eventually cause pain and misery. Love reduces misery, soothes pain and avoids suffering. Try to remember this important rule: fear disappears where love nears. Source of Love helps you make every fear disappear.

Source of Love, radiating love to whoever likes to receive it

Love loves to share, and a very fine way of sharing is to radiate love. And with Source of Love that is very easy. When using the attunement Source of Love you will fill yourself with love, and radiate that love through your aura. Radiating love means sharing your love with everyone with whom you come in contact. With anything that likes to be touched by love. Radiating love is a wonderful thing to do, it brings people together, and it brings you lovely experiences on top of it.

Use Source of Love to feel better about yourself as a personality, and be lovingly towards others. To feel love for whatever touches your heart. Whatever you encounter on your path, a better answer than love cannot be found. And for that matter, a finer answer neither!