Source of Joy


The attunement Source of Joy is a gift for everyone who encounters enough misery and woe, to even think of adding less nice feelings themselves to this. It is an inexhaustible stream of pleasure and fun. Which will arm us better against an outside world that so rarely shows itself at its best.

Not everyone is by nature equally cheerful and joyous. Or can keep his good humor in what we are all experiencing here on earth. Can you use some support in order to see the bright side of life again? To experience everything in a much nicer way? Then try Source of Joy.



Making life worthwhile

Source of Joy is an attunement that is a real pleasure. It is a wonderful energy for people who can appreciate all that is pleasant, wonderful and delightful. Joy is the feeling that life is worth living. Source of Joy makes heaving pleasure in life and celebrating life to an obvious choice. It is the feeling you get when the sun after a long time finally comes out from behind the clouds and warms you with its wonderfully illuminating rays. And experiencing the effect it will have on you: it cheers you up as if you are a sun yourself. When being joyful joy you give expression to life as it should be: light, pleasing, effortless and a delight.

Joy as a cure for everything that is a waste of time

Joy makes that life becomes easier and more in attunement with others. This creates more connectedness and friendliness. Just like love it brings people together and it lets flourish similarities. It makes you get excited about the other and the time you spend together. Pleasure has the ability to forget the time. Actually, it’s quality time. Being busy accompanied by joy and exhilaration is an excellent remedy for all that is boring, tedious and soporific. And laughter is a great medicine, and smiling a fine way to connect. The more joy and pleasure you combine with everything you think, say and do, the more elation there emerges out of your creations. And the happier you will be about your life.

Source of Joy, a scintillating delight

Delight is the realization that life in its purest form sparkles with creativity. That life likes to experience itself because it is so much fun. You can let anything you do be accompanied with joy, just by activating Source of Joy whenever you like. But to get more aware of it, you can also turn it around. Let Source of Joy help you to find out what brings you pleasure. Get aware of whatever makes you happy and delighted. So you will find what suits you. You will notice then what makes your soul become excited and enthusiastic. Just like love and happiness, joy is a blessing for the soul. Because it does justice to the essence of our soul. And by having joy and delight as an intention, it can come much easier your way. Then it can accompany you more often.

Shared joy is double joy

Source of Joy is a wonderful attunement for anyone who wants more joy and pleasure in life. And who likes to have it more easily at his disposal. Very well suited for all people prone to sadness and depression. Who sometimes look at the dark side of life, or have a tendency to melancholy. A fine help also with grief and disappointment, with changing moods and soul pain. And for anyone who wants likes doing his things in a pleasant way. Because that’s so much more fun and enjoyable. Source of Joy is just a wonderful way to enjoy life. To welcome it and to let it take its course. A wonderful gift for yourself or as a nice present for a loved one. Because joy wants to be shared, and that makes it a double pleasure.