Source of Happiness


Source of Happiness is an attunement that produces fine feelings about yourself and the world around you. Happiness is accessible to anyone, but you do have to let it in. Because unconsciously you might block it. Feelings of happiness are a wonderful energy for every person who is dissatisfied with his life. When you feel unhappy and aren’t comfortable with your current situation.

When is Source of Happiness of extra value? When you aren’t really happy with yourself, your work, your relationship or other things. Or when the situation you are in isn’t exactly what you had hoped for. With dissatisfaction, depression, mental fatigue and feeling unhappy. Do not let your feelings of happiness depend on what’s happening around you. Choose to be happy and let Source of Happiness help you. Let the happiness with this wonderful Source Energy flow full into your life.



Something delightful: the wonderful feelings of happiness

Source of Happiness not only sounds like something delightful, it is a delight without any doubt. This is a real Source Attunement: pure and unbridled happiness that will fill you completely from top to bottom, to give you a great feeling about yourself. That lets you know that you are fine as you are, that your presence is appreciated. And that you are fully allowed to take your place in this world. If you are happy then you feel life as it really is: not clouded by illusions, not having to experience a variety of difficulties and woes. It is the stream bed in which life effortless and sparkling will flow forth. Life as life is meant for every divine being. Bliss as a birth present.

The quest with the disappointing results

We live in a world of illusions. We are brought up with images which keep telling us what we all should do to require something that we really wish to have. And this will then make us happy. That is the hunt for happiness: we chase after it, and just when we think we have stepped on its tail, it seems to have disappeared into thin air again. Happiness is all too often sought in the outside world, it is the great quest of many people. But in the outside world you cannot find true happiness. Happiness caused by the outside world does not give you that deep and pure happiness you are looking for. Moreover, it is always ephemeral and inconstant, and then leads to disappointment, and can even bring addictions as its replacement. Happiness cannot be forced, because the outside world cannot be controlled.

A matter of doing or a matter of being?

The most important thing to understand is that happiness and being happy is not a question of doing, but a question of being. So do not try to do a lot of things in the hope this will make you happy. After all we do not speak about doing happy, but about being happy. Being is mainly a question of choosing and then letting it happen. Source of Happiness is a wonderful help. It makes it so much easier to be happy, to experience bliss, delight, exhilaration … Happiness is first and foremost a choice, a granted desire. But happiness does require some positive conditions. Like trust and belief, a little surrender and a good riverbed for the happiness energy to stream through. But it is above all the will and choice that must be present inside you. Much better than the quest for happiness is to choose happiness.

Source of Happiness, the helping hand for good feelings

Feelings of Happiness can be caused by friendship, by having common interests, by recognizing yourself in the other. When falling in love, when overcoming difficulties, by sharing and being together. When you give yourself the freedom to just be as you are, by always making love choices … By being happy you will let flow bliss, letting in the good energies. Wonderful feelings that arises from within when you are connected with your Self. Source of Happiness will help you do that to make it really easy getting it going. And to let it flow again and again whenever you want. All you should try is to avoid the negativity and illusions of the outside world getting a grip on you. Then all the happiness, all the delight that you deserve, won’t be blocked anymore, and you’re the master of your life.