Source of Beauty


Source of Beauty has that little bit of extra that makes life on a sunny day and with a wonderfully warming sun so attractive. It is the icing on the cake that everything just gives that extra shine and attractiveness. The feeling that all you are watching at is beautifully dressed for your pleasure and delight.

Do you also get tired of all the greyness and monotony of where everyday life often has so much of? Is sadness and boredom also not for you? Does your soul want something better than that? Let Source of Beauty then show itself to you in all its magnificent forms. Allow yourself a very nice gift: this attunement is a feast for the senses, and a delight for the soul.



A feast for the soul

Source of Beauty is pure love for creation. Beauty may be a redundancy or a luxury for the rational mind, for the soul it is a feast as well as an essential element of life. A way to present life much better, and to make it more sweet and charming. It makes life pleasant and enjoyable for all the instruments with which we perceive. Our eyes may become filled with love of a beautiful vista. Our tongue of something delicious that it has never tasted before. The nose can nourish itself by the scent of a rose. And our ears can open up completely to wonderful music that touches our heart. And through your fingers that are caressing a lover, you can enjoy the softness of the skin. While your lover starts to tremble of sheer delight. Beauty caresses our senses and our soul.

The soul’s need to make everything prettier and more attractive

Beauty is a soul’s need and desire. With that you feel more at ease, more connected with your nature. It is your inner being that jumps in the air for joy with all that is tempting. With all brilliance and glory, with everything that is lovely. Beauty expresses the desire of our soul to make the world ever more beautiful, attractive and better. You will see beauty where you desire to see it. If you are satisfied with something, you may say: Beautiful! This suggests that beauty and desire have something in common. Every good cook knows that when you have cooked a dish with love, and you present it in a pretty and tasty way, it tastes twice as good. All that caresses our senses and our soul adds an extra dimension to our beauty experience. Source of Beauty is a fine help with that.

A wonderful activity: searching for all that is beautiful

You can discover beauty, splendor and loveliness in everything, because everything is basically pretty. You see beauty where you look at with love. Ugliness on the other hand you will especially see when you look at something with fear. Often when you see something one way or another as threatening. Searching for beauty is therefore a wonderful activity: it seems to make things nicer. Source of Beauty likes to make that easier for you. This is in fact something great: that your eye, your perception of beauty, can increase the attractiveness, the beauty of someone or something. Even if only in your perception. By loving to see beauty, you also experience more beauty. You make your life actually more beautiful doing this.

Source of Beauty, for magnificent creations

Source of Beauty is not a luxury, it is an inner need to be connected with all that is pretty. It can occur in all that is tangible. But never forget to look also at the delight of Inner Beauty, how magnificent the essence of creation is. Beauty also conceals itself in the abstract, as an idea, as an attitude or intent. In the perfection of creation. In the desire to decorate the world with your creations. Beauty is the splendor of life, which makes everything so wonderful that you would want to hold it in your arms. It is like the sun that gives everything that shine of exquisite brilliance. It is the X factor, that indescribable something that makes things so special.

The splendor of life and the icing on the cake

Beauty may sometimes need some extra attention. It can hide behind the negative, behind grief, pain, laziness or indifference. By giving attention to beauty, it will immediately reduce what is joyless. See how magnificent our body is, full of Inner Beauty.  Feel how delicious swallows glide through the air and dolphins cleave through the water. Enjoy the splendor of a rainbow and the majestic night sky. Never get tired to watch the waves that rush on the beach, and the snowflakes that form that spotless white carpet. Embrace the love in the radiating eyes of your lover. See beauty as the icing on the cake, the smile in the mirror, and the most beautiful form of a bonus you can imagine. Use Source of Beauty as a wonderful gift for a beloved one or for yourself, to fill our life with splendor and glory.