Self Love


Self Love is the attunement that lets the love for yourself flow abundantly. It is an energy that is not only suitable for everyone, but it also feels wonderful. And with which you can do yourself a great favor. It’s like the sun starts to shine in your soul and makes your soul all warm.

This world is sometimes a very complicated place, that can influence you very negatively. So that at some point you no longer know who you really are. You can lose your Self because of this, and get caught up in the many worldly illusions. Self Love helps you to refocus on your Self and reconnect with your Self. Let the love of this delightful attunement caress your heart. Highly recommended!

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Self Love and the most important relationship you have

What means Self Love? Self Love means caring for and loving yourself, and letting in the love that you are. It is indispensable for breathing new life into the most important relationship you have. The relationship with what you really are. The relationship between your body as the vehicle of your personality and ego, as what you have. And you as a soul as what you always and in the deepest sense are.

The relationship with your Self is the first and most important relationship you have. In fact, any other relationship you have in your life is a reflection of this relationship. This forms the pattern for all your other relationships. Love for your Self does this relationship tremendously good. Self Love is the recognition of and feeling love for what you are. In this way you can be much more your Self. Moreover, you can only truly love the other when you love yourself first.

The outside world as the experienced reality

The disguise of your Self is a result of the many illusions that we face. Self Love or Love for Your Self helps you see through illusions. A big illusion for instance is the outside world, which is so strongly associated with our body, personality and ego. The outside world is for many the reality. Here you need to fight for your right to be, here you have to defend your own space. And here is decided if you have it easy to supply for food and shelter, and to feel safe. The outside world decides if you are loved and part of it.

We keep responding to what is happening there. With thoughts, emotions and judgments. Our joy, our happiness, our security and our self-esteem seem to depend on it. The outside world seems to define our lives, so we try to get it into our grasp.

Change your inner world, then your outer world will change

But no matter how we try, we just won’t succeed to control the outside world. We can off course keep responding to the outer world and keep making judgements. It just doesn’t bring us what we are hoping for. It just will not change for the better. Because it is not the outside world that determines, it is our inner world. The outside world is nothing but a mirror of our own inner world. And this also explains why each of us has his own recurring patterns.

A very loving and intelligent way is not to try changing the outer world. You never will succeed anyway, for personal nor for worldly problems. It is way too big to control it. A much better idea is to change your inner world. And love is the key, Self Love. Then it takes the least effort to achieve positive changes.

Self Love, because giving love to what you truly are feels so good

Your Self means that what makes you different. The one that you always are, that what forms you, your nature, your truth. It’s that pure part of you that is not limited to just this incarnation, but is always there. Whether it is noticed or not, and whether there is communication with it, or that it is being ignored. It is a shortened form of your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is that part of your soul that oversees all your physical lives. And helps you to live them as pleasant and valuable as possible. That is why feeling love for that pure part of you is so wonderful and gives so much satisfaction. Let go of what others think about you or what the outer world wants you to be. Or any other illusion. Fully love your Self and all that is good will come your way.

With Self Love recognizing, accepting and being yourself

Self Love is at the base of every spiritual life. Before you really can love, you have to love yourself first. If you find yourself not good enough to be loved, how can you expect from others that they will love you? Therefore love yourself unconditional and unlimited. Furthermore: Self Love is contagious. It encourages others to love you! Therefore, love yourself unconditionally and unlimitedly.

Self Love means recognizing yourself, accepting yourself, believing in yourself and intending to be yourself. It lets you feel that you are love, that you are of worth, that you are welcome in all your aspects. Self Love feels great, as a baby who is cuddled, kissed and caressed. The more you invest in the relationship with your Self, the better your world will be. Feel as much love for your soul as you can, then your soul can bring you waves of love.

Self Love is highly recommended!