Saint Germain


Light Master Saint Germain was a very colorful figure in his time as Count Saint Germain. He was a talented writer, painter, musician and inventor. With an inexhaustible knowledge about all kinds of subjects. Discretely working on the spiritual progress of mankind. And possessed an aura of youth, skill and prosperity.

Light Master Saint Germain is not only the ruler of the New Time and holder of the Violet Ray. He also helps you to transform everything you no longer need, into your Highest Good. His energy fits perfectly with people who love freedom and adventure. Those who want magic back into their lives and are open to wonderful experiences. Saint Germain is one of the most extraordinary light masters and a pleasure to work with.


Saint Germain, Light Master and Wonderman

Light master Saint Germain was a very colorful character in his time as the count of Saint Germain. His last incarnation and the name he still uses. He was a very mysterious person, and many stories were told about him. He appeared in many places in many countries, under different names and during several centuries. Saint Germain amazed people with his inexhaustible knowledge about all kinds of subjects. He was a talented writer, painter, musician and inventor.

He also possessed extensive knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry and various other sciences. Cured people with homemade medicines, herbal mixtures and his elixir of life. Helping less fortunate people with money and good advice. He could write simultaneously with left and right, after which both texts turned out to be completely identical. Furthermore he could purify gems from imperfections. He had many special qualities. Hence his nickname: the Wonderman of Europe.

The United States of Europe …?

Saint Germain was often in the higher circles, as a familiar appearance in public. In addition to his more hidden spiritual work, however, he was also politically active, both as a diplomat and as an advisor to various Heads of State. Because of the fragmentation of Europe and the many conflicting interests, there were many conflicts and wars. Saint Germain’s great wish was therefore the formation of a United States of Europe. But many of his recommendations, including his prediction of the French Revolution, were ignored.

Later he suddenly appeared in America. There he had frequent contact with several Founding Fathers, especially George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Saint Germain was behind the creation of a new country: the United States of America. He played an important role in drawing up the American declaration of independence, and inspired the American constitution. He also made the design for the American flag.

Incarnations of the Ascended Master Saint Germain

Few other Ascended Masters have had as many earthly incarnations as Saint Germain. Like high priest in Atlantis. The prophet Samuel, the last of the Hebrew judges. St. Alban. Proclus, the last great Greek Neoplatonic philosopher. The magician Merlin (see King Arthur at El Morya). Christoffel Columbus, the discoverer of America. Further:

Saint Joseph

In the first century after Christ, Joseph was Mother Mary’s husband and father/educator of Jesus. According to certain sources he fled to Europe after the crucifixion of Jesus with Mary, Mary Magdalene and others. Joseph would eventually have settled in England.

Roger Bacon

The English scholar Roger Bacon, 1214-1294. Empirical scientist, forerunner of modern science. He was known as Doctor Mirabilis (wonderful master).

Francis Bacon

The Englishman Francis Bacon lived from 1561-1626, and was a philosopher, statesman, lawyer and writer. Through various reliable sources it is said that he was the writer William Shakespeare.

Count of Saint Germain

The Count of Saint Germain lived from about 1712-1784 in France. But appeared for several centuries and under different names in many countries. Someone with an aura of youth, skill and prosperity. He had a great reputation as an alchemist, scientist, linguist, musician and diplomat.

In his last incarnation, this adventurer acquired the nickname Wonderman of Europe. He tried to prevent bloody conflicts and worked on the formation of a United States of Europe. And later the United States of America. The country that had to be free from greed, corruption and the political dictatorship of a powerful elite. After its initial success, this powerful elite nevertheless became the U.S. in their power. However, with the help of the Light Masters and many allies they will definitively be defeated.

The Light Master of freedom, equality and brotherhood

Ascended Master Saint Germain has done a lot to help the inhabitants of Mother Earth in their spiritual development. He is not only the administrator of the Violet Ray or Violet Flame. He is also the one who is in charge of the earth during this age of Aquarius. Working on the introduction of an entirely new financial system, also known as Nesara (U.S.A.) and Gesara (worldwide).

This program of abundance is intended to ensure that the large financial resources we have on earth are fairly redistributed. So that everyone, young and old, everywhere in the world, will have enough, and everyone can live a decent life. Saint Germain has always worked on justice. To share power and resources fairly. And to break through religious rigidity, entrenched social and political convictions. Saint Germain stands for freedom, equality and brotherhood.

The magic and alchemy of Saint Germain

The alchemist Saint Germain is a magical person who makes possible great changes for the better. He will help you transform everything that needs change. His energy is warm and full. It feels as if in many places in your body and aura, there is a magical and energetic warmth doing its work. Which feels very liberating. As if his magic immediately loosens and transforms what no longer serves your Highest Good.

Saint Germain promotes: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, Creation, Magic, Abundance, Friendship, Justice, Honesty, Transformation, Renewal, Beauty, Joy, Inspiration. Light Master Saint Germain fits perfectly with adventurous people, those who want more magic in their lives. People of the New Age looking for new possibilities. Who want to contribute to the transformation of this earth into a world that works for everyone. If you feel that it’s time for changes for the better, then you have a valuable friend in this ascended master.