Personality Healing


Personality Healing is the appropriate attunement for all people who are unsatisfied with whom they are. Valuable for people who often make life for others or themselves difficult. And as a result cause problems and suffering. But also for people who find coping with the harsh outer world difficult. People who want to be seen and respected, and who don’t enjoy problems and conflicts.

Perhaps you make it your ego too easy. You do impulsive things or make statements that you later on regret. Or you are experiencing the consequences of someone else’s negativity in the form of stress, problems or sadness. Then it is time for Personality Healing. This attunement helps with a negative attitude, heals character weaknesses and reduces ego. And also accelerates your personality growth.


Working on yourself, with Personality Healing

The attunement Personality Healing is made for all people who are unsatisfied with who they are. People who often collide with other people. People who have trouble with the hard outside world. When you think you could deal with people and situations more lovingly, respectfully, positively and easily. Or when you dislike conflicts, but nevertheless want to be seen and respected.

Personality Healing is meant to make you stronger towards other people and the outside world. To live more from your soul. So that you can look at yourself in the mirror and think: this is me, this is how I want to be and this feels good. Personality Healing helps in inner and outer conflicts. To be a respected person in your social environment, when liking to treat others equally respectfully. Personality Healing is the attunement for everyone who likes to have a good relationship with this world.

Your personality or how you present yourself to the outside world

The word personality comes from the word persona, which means mask. The personality is your outside, your social clothes, the way you show yourself and react to people and situations. In addition it forms the way in which the outside world affects your thinking, your attitude and behavior. Your personality is also what distinguishes you from others, what makes you unique.

Before your birth, you as a soul choose a certain mix of character traits and preferences. This mix is the best condition for achieving your earthly life plan. Body and personality are your worldly appearance, the actor role for this life alone. But life is always about your soul. If you stick to the original plan of your soul (Higher Self), then you feel satisfaction with who you are. And have a meaningful life. Personality Healing is needed when you no longer fully follow your life plan.

The ego and the illusions and seductions of this world

So keep this in mind: you are a soul, and have a body with a personality. And that your personality is there to serve your soul. Our personality makes it possible that our soul not only knows itself, but can also experience itself. As a result of which Soul or Source evolves into an increasingly Higher Being.

However, our personality also has an ego, which has all too often turned from a servant into a dictator. The ego is responsible for all illusions and seductions of this world. For all misconceptions, grief and unacceptable things. The ego, the great illusionist, is very skilled in separation. Ensuring that people confront each other. Therefore people will see each other as enemies and fight each other. Resulting in people blaming each other for their own dissatisfaction, unhappiness and problems. Where there is ego, the problems are never far away. Personality Healing reduces your ego to a healthy one.

The difference between weak and strong personalities

Now you have weak personalities and strong personalities. A weak personality can be a person who often has difficulties, doesn’t stand up against abuse of power, has too little self-awareness and self-esteem. But also someone who often causes separation, is loveless, greedy and power-conscious, causes harm to others. And doesn’t bother about the negative consequences of his behavior. People who are often regarded as successful, but who are anything but.

A strong personality, on the other hand, seeks the connection, feels love and respect for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. Someone who lives from his soul, understands that everyone has a role to play, and tries to support that. A strong personality is aware of what the ego is trying to do, and prevents this from happening as much as possible. The table shows how you recognize weak personalities and strong personalities.

Characteristics of a weak personality and a strong personality

Weak Personality Strong Personality
Laziness Discipline
Moodiness Equanimity
Indifference Involvement
Hatred Forgiveness
Judging and Condemning To live and let live
Greed Sharing together
Hostility Friendliness
Callousness Softness
Unreliability Loyalty
Coldness Cordiality
Rigidity Flexibility
Impulsivity Thoughtfulness

Personality Healing, for personality growth and a better world

Personality Healing increases personality development and growth. It is the attunement that helps with your behavior, attitude and intentions. To reduce ego and resist illusions and temptations. Knowing that an overactive ego is a guarantee for problems, grief and frustrations. Everyone is here on earth to grow spiritually, and an attitude of love, respect, peace and solidarity is a prerequisite.

Healing character weaknesses, undesirable tendencies, a negative attitude and negative intentions is just as helpful. Everyone also undergoes tests in their lives. Personality Healing helps you to pass them as often as possible. Sometimes that is very difficult. But when you work together with your Higher Self, then the problems will increasingly solve themselves. With Personality Healing show the beautiful soul you really are. That is good for yourself, your relationships and for making our world better.