Nervous System Harmony


Nervous System Harmony is an attunement that calms down the nervous system, and let it function better. That can reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed. It is meant for people with a sensitive nervous system. Or people with chronic nervous disorders. But especially for HSPs, people who are highly sensitive. For this reason it is also part of the HSP Package.

Nervous System Harmony can help with several sensitivities which are associated with the nervous system. It helps with overstimulation or sensory overload, nervousness for certain things such as exams. But can also be beneficial for persons with a nervous character. People who quickly become restless when unexpected things happen. In addition, you can use it for any kind of physical pain, specifically for nerve pain.


Nervous System Harmony, for soothing your nerves

See Nervous System Harmony as an important soothing attunement, primarily intended for HSPs. But also very suitable for people who have problems with their nervous system. Who are irritable, restless or nervous, or who easily suffer from nerve pain. So for all kinds of people who in any way have sensitive or even hypersensitive nerves.

Partly this has to do with the amount of signals that are coming at you. Stimuli that all must be processed by our body. To get their place in our energy system. It is sometimes said that a person today gets more stimuli in one day than the medieval man in his whole life. So it is no wonder that sensitive people, who are more open to external stimuli than other people, easily become overloaded.

The nervous system as a body system

The nervous system is a body system which is formed by our brains, our spine and all the nerves that are located in the rest of our body. For instance each muscle is connected to a nerve. And this muscle will only start to work at the time a nerve gives it the signal to do so. Similarly, organs perform certain functions only when the nervous system gives them the order. And stop their action only when the nervous system gives the right signal.

The nervous system is an electrical communication system, similar to e-mail or a cell phone. It brings in, via our senses, all the information that comes from the outside world. And gives it a place in our bodies. It also brings information from our body to the brain (feedback). Which then goes via our nervous system to the right place. In order that the necessary adjustments can be made there.

The functioning of the nervous system

Nerve cells or neurons are messengers between the brains and spine on the one hand, and all other body parts on the other hand. Also vice versa as a feedback system. They are very elongated body cells with a nucleus, with small branches thereto, the dendrites. The nerve cells are connected to each other through long and small parts, the axons. Therefore they are in contact with each other. And they can transmit their electrical signals at an incredible speed and over long distances.

In addition, they release at nodes, the synapses, chemical substances, the neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters give commands to body cells. Which, as a result, will perform certain functions. Some of the better known neurotransmitters are oxytocin, endorphin, and serotonin. They can be important for example for the feeling of connectedness (oxytocin), the state of mind (serotonin) and pain relief (endorphin).

When can you use Nervous System Harmony

Nervous System Harmony can be very nice to have all these stimuli and information processed in a good way. As well as in a harmonious way. An HSP with its open aura, and often open character, is extra sensitive to overloading the nervous system. And then a little extra care of yourself in this area can bring a lot of stress reduction.

Overstimulation, sensitiveness, pain, feeling restless, and stress in general … they can all be associated with a nervous system that is overloaded. And this overload, in turn, can result in the nervous system’s signals not being carried out or not in a timely manner. Signals that other body systems need in order to function properly themselves.

Nervous System Harmony for a hypersensitive nervous system

A HSP and other people can also be hypersensitive in body parts where our nervous system is related to. Such as hypersensitivity to light, sound, pain, odors, chemicals. For toxins, air pollution, food additives, genetically modified foods. Or through contact with volatile substances, cosmetics and other substances that can cause skin irritations. Many forms of fatigue or stress may be related to our nervous system. And then Nervous System Harmony may be a fine remedy that ensures calmness and makes you feel more comfortable.

The same applies to people with a nervous nature or who quickly get stressed when special situations arise. Or when things go differently than expected. And of course for anyone who has to deal with nervous diseases or nervous disorders. Nervous System Harmony can be a pleasant relief for all people who are hypersensitive in any way. Expressing themselves in or caused by the nervous system.