Masculine Energy Love


Masculine Energy Love is desirable for anyone who feels too little love for the masculine energy. The masculine energy that is present in both men and women. By allowing and loving the male energy, you can also make use of all the positive male qualities. The qualities of the Divine Father. In this way you bring your male energy back into harmony and balance with love.

Do you have negative feelings about your masculine energy, or negative experiences with the masculine energy that you want to change positively? Then Masculine Energy Love is the appropriate attunement. This can change negative things like anger, greed, aggression, insensitivity and separation in a positive way. Or make positive male qualities such as strength, courage, focus, discipline and independence more acceptable and stronger.

A nice addition to this attunement is Feminine Energy Love. For a harmonious interaction between both polarities, there is Yin Yang Love.


Masculine Energy Love: coping well with your male side

The attunement Masculine Energy Love helps everyone who doesn’t feel enough love for his male energy. The masculine energy in both women and men. When you accept and love the masculine energy in its original form, the energy of the Divine Father, you give yourself a great gift. Because you can only be in harmony and balance if the two energies you are made of are in harmony too. The Divine Father and Divine Mother within yourself that form together the Unity, Oneness, Source.

Masculine Energy Love lovingly welcomes your male side. For the divine masculine energy has only wonderful and valuable aspects. Necessary for the Golden Age to thrive. This attunement is ready for it, together with his loving partner Female Energy Love. Masculine Energy Love is the warm welcome to the man and everything that is masculine.

The essence of the male energy

Talking about love for the male energy, we would like to have a little more clarity about what this yang energy exactly means. It is the I of the I AM, the Divine Father. The masculine energy is pointed, focused, aims at the specific and gives it all its energy. It is straightforward, predictable, logical, direct, penetrating, charismatic, innovative. The masculine energy gives structure, stability, it’s reliable and protective.

The digital age, a real consequence of the male energy, consists of only ones and zeros. One symbolizes the masculine energy, it is focus, concentrated energy. The masculine energy is therefore directed outwards, very purposefully giving energy to something specific. It is a strong creative force that makes the new possible. This beautiful yang energy manifests and materializes. Making it possible for the world to evolve and for the Unity to become larger and larger.

Supporting the positive masculine with love

Masculine Energy Love isn’t only there to support the essence of the male energy, but also specific aspects of it. The qualities of the Divine Father. Like: Initiative, Strength, Structure, Organization, Ambition, Courage, Leadership, Focus, Vitality, Decisiveness, Purposefulness, Discipline, Self-Confidence, Discernment, Inspiration, Independence, Individuality, Freedom. All these masculine qualities are needed to provide a good balance in your life. Whether you are a man or a woman.

Maybe you recognize some of these qualities within yourself. And would like to make them a little stronger. Or maybe a number of these beautiful and positive qualities are still underdeveloped. It is precisely then that Masculine Energy Love can do a lot for you. To increase and strengthen these positive male qualities.

Changing the negative masculine with love

But what if the positive masculine aspects are suppressed or frustrated. What if you don’t allow these masculine energies to be part of you. If the outside world keeps telling you that they are worth nothing. That they are not appreciated and undesirable. And that they are of no benefit to you or even counterproductive. In short, when they have changed into their negative opposite. Then, too, Masculine Energy Love can help you.

Love will always encourages the positive. It will lovingly embrace the masculine energy of boys and men and girls and women. And make them feel what their true nature is. Helping them to change back into their positive opposite. Negative aspects like: Anger, Greed, Selfishness, Aggression, Ruthlessness, Self-Satisfaction, Recklessness, Immoderation, Unwillingness, Resistance, Aversion, Frustration, Hardness, Insensitivity, Hostility, Separation. In addition, Masculine Energy Love is also valuable if you have any problems with men, masculinity and man’s behavior.

Masculine Energy Love, a warm heart for the Male Divine

Masculine Energy Love is a great attunement for anyone who likes to balance his masculine energies. Anyone who wants to strengthen positive masculine properties, and transform negative masculine properties. But don’t forget that as a man you have female qualities as well as male ones, and you can’t do without them. However, for most men your male energies will be dominant. The male energy needs the female energy to give its focus wisdom. The feminine energy and the masculine energy also need the other to give each other strength and perfection.

Therefore, Feminine Energy Love is a valuable addition to this fine attunement. And also Yin Yang Love, which at the same time combines love for the feminine and love for the masculine. This attunement also promotes the loving interaction of both sexual energies.