Mary Magdalene


Light Master Mary Magdalene appeals to a lot of people. This applies to both women and men, and is not just limited to the Christian culture. A woman who played an important role in a world of men. Being the wife or lover of that other great Light Master: Jesus. She was called the disciple of the disciples, also known for the Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Nag Hammadi Library). So a woman who claimed her role, and despite the greatness of Jesus someone who feeds the imagination of many.

A major role in her energy is self-consciousness: not hiding yourself but just let yourself be. First of all allowing yourself to play the role you are intended to play. And also to restore the equality between the masculine and feminine energy. Through which abuse of power, guilt and shame can make way for love, joy and delighting in each other. Light Master Mary Magdalene is perfect for any woman who wants to have an aura of strength and self-confidence. Who wants to stand up for what she is: a woman, and who likes to see the feminine energy as valuable and equal. Mary Magdalene can also help you to enhance your courage, to feel free, and to experience your sexuality with more love and joy.



Mary Magdalene, an extraordinary woman

Light Master Mary Magdalene appeals to many people. This applies to both women and men, and is not just limited to the Christian culture. Also there are many books written about her, and many people have special feelings for her. In the incarnation to which she owes her present name, she lived in the place Magdala. This town was located near the Sea of Galilee (also called Genesareth), not far from Nazareth. Mary Magdalene in fact means: Mary of Magdala. Just as with Mother Mary, her first name is also written as Myriam, Maryam, Magda, Madeleine or Maddalena. Other incarnations that are mentioned are the incarnation as Sarah, wife of Abraham (see Light Master El Morya), and as a priestess of Isis (see Light Master Mother Mary). After the biblical times she is said to have had one more incarnation on earth.

Female disciple and the lover of Jesus

In biblical times Mary Magdalene regularly met Jesus. She was called the disciple to the disciples (or apostle to the apostles), indicating how important she was. Jesus told her things he didn’t tell the other disciples. There is also a Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Which, like the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi writings, didn’t become a part of the Bible. And Jesus kissed her often. Jesus and Mary Magdalene were lovers and had children. Mary Magdalene was the one who was the first to be present at the resurrection and saw Jesus as a being of light. In his light body, as a Light Master. And she preached the gospel, just like the other disciples. There are many indications of her presence in the south of France: Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and the Cathar Country. Together with several others and the children Jesus and she had.

Mary Magdalene, the woman who wouldn’t accept suppression

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene appeals to the imagination of many. Not in the least because she symbolizes the oppression of women, and was so long thought of by the church as sinner and prostitute. Every woman who wasn’t humble and obliterated herself was suspect. A potential danger to male power, also the male power of the church. Mary Magdalene was a woman who didn’t accept to be treated as inferior. She took her rightful place alongside the male disciples and power and jealousy couldn’t scare her off. Her charisma of self-awareness gave her the power to do what she thought was important. Mary Magdalene is therefore a very recognizable example for women. And very valuable for every woman who wants to be self-confident and refuses to be suppressed.

The heart energies of Mary Magdalene

A prominent role in the energy of Mary Magdalene play all kinds of heart energies. Such as love, compassion, surrender, daring to be yourself and trusting yourself. Just like forgiving yourself when there are things you do not like about yourself. The feminine energy has an equally prominent role. She sees the beauty of the feminine energy, which again has to take its equal and rightful place alongside the masculine energy. Also militancy characterizes her, because this woman and this energy can’t just be put aside. Self-awareness and power of course go very well together with this. Because when you are aware of who and what you really are, there is no reason to let your Self down. Freedom and joy are also part of her energy. The joy that you dare to feel yourself free, and the freedom of daring to be yourself and daring to live.

Showing power and self-confidence

Mary Magdalene promotes: Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Expression, Love, Loving Sexuality, Joy, Freedom, Courage, Compassion, Surrender, Female Power, Female Energy. Light Master Mary Magdalene is very suitable for every woman who likes to radiate power and self-confidence. Who likes to stand for what she is: a woman, and the feminine energy that is valuable and equivalent. Who finds being herself and showing herself, self-assurance and self-expression, important to feel comfortable and seen. Mary Magdalene’s energy is remarkably powerful yet gentle. Lovingly but not allowing that a woman or the feminine energy is suppressed or abused. Nor that the feminine sexuality is tainted with guilt and shame. It promotes the balancing of masculine and feminine energy. Through which abuse of power, guilt and shame can be replaced by love, joy and delighting in each other. Also very valuable for men who want to embrace the female energy inside and outside themselves.