Love Touches


Love Touches is an attunement that fully touches you with Love, inside and out. As if you are given a wonderful Love Massage, that you can feel everywhere in your body. And even deep in your soul. And to which you can fully surrender, to enjoy it to the fullest.

Love Touches is a very good attunement for aspects of yourself that keep bothering you. Memories and unpleasant experiences who do not want to disappear from your present life. Or trauma that has given your life a negative turn and desperately need some extra caresses of love. But also the aspects of you that haven’t come to fruition, and could do with the extra encouragement and confidence Love can give. Treat yourself with Love Touches to some extra Love, there where you can use it so good.



Bringing that what is separated in contact with Love again

Love Touches is not only an attunements that feels wonderful. It is also a very useful attunement. Because it helps you to bring that what is separated in you from love, back in contact with that same love. To reconnect with the most natural energy there is. The energy that we are made from, which is our source and where our being is made of. And with which we can sometimes lose contact, because of all kinds of less fortunate circumstances in our earthly life. Sometimes it’s not so bad, and just a bit annoying. Sometimes though, it is far more serious. Then we get really lost in this difficult earthly existence, as if we get totally disconnected from that wonderful love energy.

Enjoying a wonderful Love Massage

Love Touches is an attunement for everybody who likes to receive love. For people who are delighted to be caressed with the wonderful energy of love. As if you get a delightful massage with hands that touch you very gently and lovingly. Hands that are letting flow nothing but pure love. Love Touches feels like a gentle caress of love energy, flowing through your aura and gently caressing your skin. And you have to do nothing but relax, enjoying a wonderful energy, and just letting it in all the way. A Love Massage that caresses your outside as well as your inside. So that all the good that love has to offer can envelop and penetrate you. And can fill your entire inner and flow deep into your soul. Just as much as you can allow this love coming in, at the time.

When you are not at your best

Besides of that Love Touches is a very nice attunement to use when you are not at your best. When life isn’t a breeze at the time. For example if you do not feel loved. When you are in pain. When you are angry at the world. Or disappointed in other people. And perhaps also in yourself. Or when you lost trust in other people and the world through bad experiences.

Actually it is a very fine help with trauma. Trauma that happened as a child, and trauma that you experienced in your adult years. Minor trauma and major trauma. A trauma can be solved if you can let it go, when you no longer identify yourself with it. And when the love that you experience is so great that it overshadows these bad experiences completely. And love can erase this trauma and its consequences. As a bad memory that you’re no longer constantly reliving, because it just does you no good, nor brings you any pleasure. And that you have disconnected permanently from the you that you are now.

And as a fine help with all sorts of problems

You can use this attunement Love Touches just for fun, because it feels so good. It touches what you really are: Love. And this way Love can expand in you, can play a bigger role in your life. But you can use Love Touches also to access a variety of specific problems in a better way. To lovingly give space to aspects of yourself, that you have tucked away out of fear, to avoid problems or for some other reason. To help yourself going over bumps, knowing that for love no mountain is too high. And that everything you touch with love, turns into love.

Love Touches, to live your life the full way

Or use it to live your life more fully. To interact better with people. For attracting better opportunities. And to generally feel better about who you really are and what your place in life is. Because that what is touched with love begins to live again. That likes to make contact again and starts to shine bright. Love Touches: let Love touch all you are. It feels so good.