Love Relations


Love Relations is a fine attunement to do something positive for your relationships and contacts. Good relationships are nice and fulfilling. They help you as good as the other person to feel happy. And to do the things you find enjoyable and valuable. Poor relationships are a source of trouble, annoyance and frustration. They help no one, only each other’s ego.

Whether you talk about superficial contacts, working relationships, relationships with children, parents, family and friends, or intimate relationships. Love Relations is there to radiate love to everyone and everything that you have a relationship with. Being a gift for yourself as well as others.


Love Relations and the joy of being together

The attunement Love Relations is a nice and precious energy to give to yourself. An attunement that can give joy to everyone with whom you have a relationship. Because of the love you will then give to others. Love Relations are meant to give each other love and share each other’s love. To celebrate the joy of being together and enjoying each other. To support each other in what you like to be and what you like to create. Doing things together in love and enjoying it together gives depth to a relationship. And makes having a relationship pleasurable.

It also can avoid many problems when relationships are and stay lovingly. Just think of things as relationship problems, quarrels, being at war with each other, aggression and mistreatment. And divorce  and divorce troubles, children who are the victim, and also the loss of friends.

Relationships: the way of getting to know yourself better

Relations are among the charms of life. They give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better through the other. It’s fine to be with people, get to know each other, exchange ideas. To examine how they respond to the challenges of life, how they express love and friendship.

Also it’s nice to do things together, to have a common goal. To jointly live your dreams and make your desires come true. There are only very few people who would like to live like a hermit, and let go of any human contacts. Contacts and relationships make life more exciting and joyful when they go hand in hand with the right intention and with love. Love Relations has the right intentions and likes to help you with that.

Ego relations as a source of irritation

But relationships can of course also be less loving and less nice. Relationship problems, divorce, quarrels, heartbreak … Ego relations can express themselves in a constant stream of irritations, conflicts and problems. They are not constructive, not satisfactory, not challenging. You see it in things like: giving the other little space, feeling that your partner just isn’t good enough. Regarding the other as the cause of your dissatisfaction, having high expectations that so often lead to disappointment, not looking in the mirror.

Ego relations are based on separation. This can manifest itself in things like always thinking to be right, having a double standard. Or not investing in harmony and love, not investing energy in your partner, not supporting your partner. Using the other for your own shortsighted goals, promises that never are kept, violated confidence.

Love Relations as a mutual gift

A relationship makes it possible to determine who you want to be compared to the other person. It is a wonderful platform to express who you are. Every time letting another aspect of yourself come forward, to create an ever more beautiful you. The other is the mirror in which you see yourself and your energy reflected. Wherein you can observe what your choices and intentions evokes in others.

You see, as it were, the effect your energy is having. And on that basis you can adapt your energy to your needs and desires. Until it is exactly the way you like it. The same gift you are to the other. If you want to be each other’s mirror, then support each other in your life, your love, your creations. By helping each other your relationship will be pleasant and fulfilling. This mutually answered love blesses the both of you.

A loving investment in your relationships

Love Relations doesn’t only have to be about the one with whom you have a sexual relationship, your partner. Or the lovers that will come into your life later. It also is about all your beloved ones like your parents, children, brothers and sisters. People you have warm feelings for and people that are less close. Love Relations is about all you can have a loving relationship with. Your dog or cat or other pets. Things like hobbies, desires, money, a beautiful space to live and a dream home …

The attunement Love Relations is a loving investment in everything you have a relation with, and what you could give a little extra love energy. Let Love Relations make it easy for you to give love to everything that touches your heart. And try to fully open your heart for the love that comes your way.