Love for Mother Earth


Love for Mother Earth is offered to help and support the beautiful big blue rock we live on. Mother Earth allows us to live here, in a physical body. She also takes care of food and shelter. This archangel gives us so much beauty to enjoy (if we don’t destroy it). Moreover, she helps us to get rid of our negative energies and transform them.

Gaia has so much love for us. And she very much likes to receive our love too. The attunement Love for Mother Earth has been made for that reason. To make our relationship with this mother of all mothers more lovingly and intimate. So we can travel together in love towards the Fifth Dimension.

Love for Mother Earth, the warm embrace for beautiful Gaia

The love declaraton to Gaia: Love for Mother Earth

The attunement Love for Mother Earth is a love declaration to Gaia. And an act of love for the beautiful creature that not only carries us, but also makes our earthly appearance possible. Every human being, every animal and every plant, everything that lives here, has a common mother: Mother Earth. From the substance of Mother Earth our body is build, just like that of every mineral, plant and animal. She makes our physical life possible.

Gaia not only is a beautiful big blue rock with mountains and seas, traveling through our galaxy and the universe. She also is a being with a consciousness and feelings. With love for all her children. For the physical life, and all the good she gives us, we could express some gratitude. Love for Mother Earth is meant to express our love and gratitude towards this beautiful archangel.

Reasonable people and good stewardship vs. the economic monster

Reasonable people find it obvious that we respect our parents. And that we answer their love and understand their difficult role. Just as that we should be happy with the possibilities they offer us. The same goes for our Great Mother. We had promised before we came here that we would be a good steward. That we wouldn’t do things that harm the earth.

But how different is the sad reality … Mass rainforest destruction, poison cocktails in agriculture and horticulture, smog from air pollution. Just as the chemicals soup in our drinking water, shale gas, oceans full of plastic, geo-engineering, genetic manipulation. The economic monster makes many victims. And an economy that causes disasters is nothing more than a disaster economy. But what is bad for Mother earth, is also bad for all living creatures. So never let money be more important than love and respect.

Mother Earth cares for us, let we care for her

Mother Earth not only takes good care of us. She also absorbs our excess energy in order to lovingly transform it (see Grounding). Besides our personal negativity there is all the negativity that we humans on earth have towards each other. Mother Earth will transform all this negative energy too. But it can also be too much for her. She has no other option than to transform excessive amounts of negativity in floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other undesirable and unnecessary weather conditions. Therefore it is time that we take our responsibility, personally and as a world. And drastically reduce all forms of negativity.

Do not forget: the polluter pays, literally and figuratively. And also the richest 1% of this world, who themselves want all the joys and like to put the burdens on the plate of the other 99%, are going to pay this bill.

Situations in which you can show Love for Mother Earth

Show Love for Mother Earth by lovingly thinking of her. This attunement will help you with that. Go for a walk in nature more often. And then also feel love for her. Think lovingly of Gaia when you walk barefoot through the warm sand, or when sunbathing on the beach. When you lie on the grass. Feel Love for Mother Earth when you admire her beauty. Her beautiful mountains and valleys. Enjoy the waves of her seas and oceans. Feel one with her forests and fields. Admire the richness of her many ecological systems.

Mother Earth not only is a planet, she also is a consciousness to connect to. Let Love for Mother Earth help you to have a loving connection with her. She is our mother, she deserves our love. She also loves it when we answer her love with our love.

A heartwarming embrace for Mother Earth

Mother Earth is on a journey to the Fifth Dimension. With us or without us. Isn’t it much nicer to go this journey together, in love …? We get a world in return that works for all of us, Mother Earth too: the Golden Age. With Love for Mother Earth you give Gaia every time a heartwarming embrace. An embrace that also warms our heart. Love for Mother Earth, a beautiful gift to the mother of all mothers. An expression of mutual love, and mutual respect.