Love for Life


Love for Life is a wonderful positive energy, fully open for life in all its forms. It is the embrace of life. Whether it is enthusiasm, zest for life, being full of energy and plans, having fun with what you do and what is on your mind … It makes you feel as if suddenly there is so much more possible.

The attunement Love for Life is a is an excellent choice if your life isn’t as nice as you could wish for. For example, if you have become disappointed in life. If you’re struggling with life’s challenges. Or if you’re depressed. Because with Love for Life the sun always shines.


Welcoming life, embracing life with Love for Life

The attunement Love for Life combines two beautiful energies: Love and Life. Love is the energy that has made us, the energy we are. Life is Love that is being expressed. Life is what is very dear to most people. If all goes well life is a wonderful experience. The energy with which you can express yourself in so many ways. That’s why feeling love for life is so important. Welcoming life, connecting with life, embracing life, enjoying life … These are all forms of Love for Life that let the life stream flow better.

In addition, this life stream is actually a rather mysterious energy. Where does it come from, what causes it? We can much more easily see the consequences of this mysterious energy than understand it. Just look at playing children who are greatly enjoying themselves. Or people who are talking, laughing, singing and dancing with each other.

Negative experiences that can cause blockades

But what when your love for life isn’t flowing that well, when it gets blocked in several ways? People with life experience often have experienced situations in life in which they couldn’t express what they are. Couldn’t do what their hearts whispered in their mind. Or for understandable reasons didn’t want to do what would have served them. Because of fear for disapproval, irritation, anger, hostility, aggression, emotional pain or any other form of lovelessness.

They have often been removed from life by unpleasant experiences. So actually, part of this (negative) life experiences consists of those experiences that don’t serve life at all. But which allow habits to develop so that your experiences are less painful. But with which you unfortunately also throw out the baby with the bathwater. Because when you block the life stream, than you block love and joy and many other wonderful energies too.

Developing a grand vision on life

The purpose of life is to express yourself again and again. In the most beautiful version of your Self, from the greatest vision you ever had about your Self. To bring the best and most beautiful things you have in you to life. Having the most wonderful experiences in this way. And share this greatness with other people and all other life.

When we are young we are often much better at it. We simply have a better feeling for life then. Deal with it more naturally. In our younger years we are often not yet clouded by all kinds of unpleasant or negative experiences with the corresponding blockades. The experiences and blockades that can diminish our love for live with all its positive effects substantially.

The difference between Life Fear and Love for Life

The difference between a blocked love for life and a situation in which the love for life can flow easily can clarify much:

Blockades of the Lifestream Expressions of Love for Life
Lethargy, fear, depression Joy of Life
Boredom Creativity
Aloofness Friendliness
Cautiousness Spontaneity
Rather safe than free Freedom Minded
Reserved attitude Enthusiasm
Finds changes difficult Adventurous
Conservative innovative
Takes life too seriously Enjoying life

Love for Life, enjoying all the good things life has to offer

Apart from the mentioned Blockades of the Life Stream you can use the attunement Love for Life also for related matters. Such as chronical diseases and serious illnesses. To overcome problems. When being not at your best and during a depression. Or when you do not know what you can and what you want. And when your life is not quite as it should be. When it misses the grace and glory that it should have.

Besides the Expressions of Love for Life you can use this beautiful attunement to give some extra energy to more things you like. Think of things like developing ideas, making plans, being creative. To offer to all the loves of your life. Just let in with Love for Life all the positive sides of life. See your Self and life as a Love Couple who are lovingly cherishing each other. And subsequently enjoy all the beautiful things that life has to offer.