Love Choices


Love Choices is a great attunement for those who sometimes get lost in all the possibilities that exist. Or maybe not even see them that well. Suitable for people who could use some help with their choices and decisions. For people who often doubt, make poor or wrong choices, or don’t take advantage of good chances. Just surrender to what love sees as the best solution. Knowing that love is always the right choice. Then many things can fall in the right place.

Not everyone is always happy with the choices and decisions they make in life. Or has his doubts. And much can depend on your choices. Is the partner you choose really the person of your love dreams? Do you get that job you would like so much, or were you not in the right place at the right time? Is the place where you are decided to live really the place you feel at home? Life asks you many questions and we do not always have the right answers. Love Choices has, because love always attracts love, and always connects you with your Highest Good.



Choices and decisions that serve your Highest Good

The attunement Love Choices can have a very positive influence on your life. It can help you with many small and large choices with which you have to deal regularly. Small choices like: What shall I wear today and what will we eat tonight. And big choices like: What do I like to do in life and with whom shall I share it. Every day you make many choices. It is important to choose with awareness and love. Your choices and decisions show who you are. Choices create results and every choice is a decision about who you like to be. Love Choices help you to get the experiences that serve you and that you find pleasant. Because choosing with love means choosing your Highest Good, and that of everyone else.

Those who do not choose, have to take pot luck

Life is full of possibilities and choices are the different paths to go down. Often we are not fully aware of that. When we don’t live very consciously we tend to think that life happens to us. That we do not have control over our life. That is both very easy and very careless. With doing this you are making yourself powerless and invite others to abuse of power. Because if you can’t do anything about it, others can do something about it. So then you are at their mercy. Then others make choices an decisions that certainly won’t serve your Highest Good, but their ego. Would you rather not be a puppet on a string of people and circumstances, but rather the director of your own life? Then take your responsibility, embrace your freedom, see the choices that you have and use them.

Influencing your experiences positively

A lot of choices we make are actually other people’s choices. Those of authorities, educators, the moral of society, the ego. That causes unpleasant experiences. Becoming aware of our own choices and decisions is important. Because those we can adapt to our wishes, not the choices of others. They only give frustrations, the feeling that your freedom is restricted and your happiness reduced. Therefore, try to make every choice your choice, resulting from your love. As long as you choose and live consciously, you are the creator of your life. Creation in the first place happens by what you say, think and do. See the Creation Attunements: Healing Thoughts, Healing Words and Healing Actions. But choices influence your thoughts, words and actions. They often precede or follow them. Loves Choices give your experiences your touch. Giving you more pleasure, satisfaction and gratification.

When in doubt, let your heart speak

With every choice it is important to know: is this me, do I like to be this way? A wonderful way is to give Love a casting vote in your choices and decisions. Choose from love, choose for love. Especially when in doubt. Because Love Choices bring forth what you deep inside really want. They make life easier and less complicated. Avoid all kinds of conflicts, hassle and trouble. Love Choices can help you to better find your way in life. From the many options, to choose precisely that path that makes your soul fly. Whatever you choose, let it be your choice, coming from your love. And do not condemn it if it doesn’t work right away as you would like. Never condemn your creative abilities. Just be creative again and customize your creation with love.

Consciously choosing love

Love Choices is a wonderful attunement for anyone who likes to choose consciously and live consciously. Your choices show who you are. Love Choices prevent all kinds of conflicts, drama and other misery. Use it in case of doubt and uncertainty. When you do not know what to do or in an inner conflict. But even if you are impulsively inclined to make the wrong choices. Or if you know from experience that your choices can make others or yourself unhappy. And when your life is problematic, or when you just want your life to be better. It can be wonderful to know that love always chooses well, and that you can surrender to love with a light heart. With Love Choices you choose for pleasure, lightness, satisfaction. For nice experiences and a nicer world. Choose Love, it pays off!