Let Go and Let In

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Let Go and Let In is a very valuable spiritual tool. Life is change and change can only take place in a good and pleasant way when you can release what doesn’t serve you anymore. And then can accept what helps you now. Your body as well as your mind can suffer from many negative energies.

During your life your energy system can suffer from many negative energies. Even on a body cell level. Fear, anger, pain, distrust, wrong thoughts, blockades, a negative attitude… This then increasingly prevents that the positive can reach you: love, trust, abundance, optimism. Just release all that doesn’t serve you, and let come in what you can accept with love. Let Go and Let In, an attunement for change for the better.

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Making changes easier with Let Go and Let In

Let Go and Let In is an important and valuable spiritual tool. They are two sides of the same coin. Let Go and Let In, also called Let Go and Let God, are as husband and wife, or the masculine energy and feminine energy. They belong together, complement each other and reinforce each other. These two spiritual tools in one attunement are essential for our spiritual growth process. Because life is change and stagnation means decline.

Life sets itself ever new and higher goals, creating new possibilities this. It provides for changes and therefore makes improvements possible. Resistance causes stagnation, misery and eventually death. By contrast, flowing with the changes of life keeps you physically healthy and helps your spiritual growth. Change requires trust and flexibility and with that Let Go and Let In can help you wonderfully.

To Let Go of what does not serve your Highest Good

Let Go is the first side of the coin. Let Go is about redemption, liberation, change. Change is a constant of life, while stagnation means death. Going along flexible with changes and letting go of resistances is therefore healing. Letting go means not holding on to what’s not good for you, what doesn’t serve you anymore. It serves your Highest Good to be connected to what currently helps you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Releasing, Letting Go, is an essential part of spirituality and healing.

You can release many things and in different ways. Physical letting go occurs, inter alia, by exhaling, sweating, crying, sneezing, yawning, emptying of bladder and bowel and dying. Emotional letting go through no longer cherishing negative emotions like anger, annoyance, jealousy and hatred. Mentally letting go by releasing stress, judgments, negative thought patterns and outdated convictions. Spiritual releasing among other things, means not holding on to the past, conquering pitfalls and learning spiritual lessons.

To Let In what does serve your Highest Good

Let In is the second side of the coin. Letting Go creates the space for something better. Letting In is about receptivity, accepting what does serve your Highest Good. Also letting in can be prevented by resistance. And it also asks for flexibility when it comes to changes. Because how can your Highest Good reach you if you’re not open to it? Letting In is indispensable for spirituality and healing and happens physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Physical letting in occurs by inhaling, eating, drinking, being touched, making love and becoming pregnant. Emotional letting in by accepting positive emotions or feelings like love, trust, joy and happiness. Mentally letting in by accepting new ideas, possibilities, beliefs, higher thoughts and creations. Spiritually letting in by spiritual growth, higher energies like attunements, and accepting the help of guides, angels and light masters.

Examples of how to use Let Go and Let In

Let Go and Let In work together for health, healing and spiritual growth. You can use it for a lot of things. For example for releasing fear, illusions, a negative attitude, unwanted behavior, blockades and negative energies. In exchange you can for example let in trust and happiness. To end relationships that are no longer working. And welcoming new and better relationships. When being homesick, moving to a new home, a divorce or other difficult changes.

Let Go helps with physical complaints such as overweight, edema, swelling and constipation. Let In when you have difficulties getting touched, with intimacy and enjoying sexuality. Let Go of thoughts of lack and deficiency, thus making space for abundance and happiness. The intelligence of your body and soul knows what needs to be released. And is then open to more positive energies to enter. Let this wonderful spiritual tool, Let Go and Let In, just do its job.

The perfect teamwork of Let Go and Let In

Let Go releases what you can’t use anymore, Let In fills the open space with what is the best you can have. Let Go is liberating, Let In is optimizing. You see, Let Go and Let In is just perfect teamwork. They are the perfect complement to each other and also reinforce each other’s positive action.

Let Go and Let In is not only a very important spiritual transformation tool for itself. Because we experience a lot of changes during our life and have to adapt ourselves to new circumstances. And because we are spiritually constantly growing. An additional important reason is the ascension process. The big and difficult process of change that brings us to the fifth dimension. With that we could very well use some spiritual help. During this, Let Go and Let In supports our life process, so that we can grow more easily to a nicer world.