Lady Nada


Light Master Lady Nada has a wonderful energy that feels like a warm loving blanket. You can start to shine bright from it. She feels soft and loving, and very accepting. This not only creates a loving connection from her to you. But also to parts of yourself that you didn’t accept. And which, with some love and attention, can grow into something beautiful and valuable.

Lady Nada is the Light Master of servitude. She likes to help people on their spiritual path. Besides that she brings twin flames and soul mates together. And she loves to bring this world from the darkness of the illusion to a world of Light and Love. She encourages love in all its forms.


Light Master Lady Nada: consolation, acceptation and empowerment

The attunement Light Master Lady Nada is a lovely energy and a wonderful gift to receive. Lady Nada will let you feel how her radiating love from her heart reaches and touches your heart. To let the love in your heart inflame and grow. Her energy invites you to let the love from your heart flow into the world as well.

Lady Nada’s energy combines Love and Healing in a very subtle and nice way. In a very deep way this love will do its work, when you welcome it. A feeling you in fact should experience for yourself to confirm how wonderful this Light Master is. You could call it with reason a present from heaven. This attunement feels soft and comforting, accepting, and at the same time empowering. Giving you the feeling you are good as you are.

Being with devotion of service, to others and yourself

Servitude and Devotion are two keywords of Lady Nada. She is a real help when you like to assist all that supports life. And you like to do that with devotion. Professional, because you support people or care for people in some way. Or because you have a warm and kind heart. And you feel invited to assist the people who come into your life. But Lady Nada also helps you to be of servitude towards your own life. Devoted to your soul and her intentions. Because who empowers himself first, can be of service to others much better.

Acceptance is another important keyword of her energy. Acceptance of who you are, how you look, your character, your relations, your life … Resistance prevents change and self-acceptance. By loving acceptance you are able to change your life, so you feel fine and worthwhile. And can be as you are.

Previous incarnations of Ascended Master Lady Nada

In one of her previous incarnations Ascended Master Lady Nada was a priestess in the Temple of Love in Atlantis. She had several incarnations in which she tried, as a jurist and lawyer, to support the divine justice the best way. She had a rather recent incarnation too. In this last incarnation she was the youngest in a family of highly gifted children. Out of her intention of servitude and devotion she chose to support their talents, and help their spirituality flourish.

The motto of Lady Nada isn’t without reason: I am my brother’s keeper. She will always try to help and guard you against that which doesn’t serve you. Her help and service is always wrapped in radiant love. Lady Nada is an attunement that is very much suited for hearts that like to radiate love too.

Love in all its forms

The attunement Light Master Lady Nada is of a great love. Love in all its forms. For the divine, for the other, for your parents or children, and for your Self. Love that is creative, brings together what fits together, makes prettier, feels joy in being. That likes to live as life is intended. That makes things possible instead of making trouble and causing problems.

But also love that helps connecting with others instead of causing separation. Love that soft and without any kind of coercion touches, asking if you maybe like to answer it. And Love that directly touches your heart. And that will help you radiating love to anyone who likes to receive your love.

Lady Nada: bringing loving hearts together

Lady Nada helps your heart to radiate love, and to bring these loving hearts together. Like the hearts of brothers and sisters. Or of future lovers, who have yet to find each other. She also brings twin flames and soul mates together. Besides that she has a special relationship with children and gives them healing and spiritual support. This Ascended Master  also helps to overflow the compulsion of the solar plexus (where our ego is at home) with the love of the heart chakra.

Lady Nada encourages: Love, Healing, Oneness, Brotherhood, Servitude, Devotion, Empowerment, Softness, Consolation, Acceptance, Unselfishness, Thankfulness. Her love is symbolized in the pink rose, which unfolds to show her beauty. And radiates her love to everything that is in reach. Let this love into your heart just as Lady Nada closes you in her heart. And don’t be surprised when Lady Nada turns out to be a friend for life.