Lady Nada (GA)


Light Master Lady Nada (GA) has a wonderful energy that feels like a warm loving blanket. You can start to shine bright from it. She feels soft and loving, and very accepting. This not only creates a loving connection from her to you. But also to parts of yourself that you didn’t accept. And which, with some love and attention, can grow into something beautiful and valuable.

Lady Nada (GA) is the Light Master of servitude. She likes to help people on their spiritual path. Besides that she brings twin flames and soul mates together. And she loves to bring this world from the darkness of the illusion to a world of Light and Love. She encourages love in all its forms.

Info about  Lady Nada (GA) and the Dates/Times it is available

For  Lady Nada (GA) you can choose from the following Dates/Times:

17  February 2023 19:00 hours UTC+1 (Friday)
20 February 2023 10:00 hours UTC+1 (Monday)
22 February 2023 20:00 hours UTC+1 (Wednesday)
25 February 2023 13:00 hours UTC+1 (Saturday)

A confirmation of your purchase will be sent to your email address, which will also show these Dates/Times. In response to this confirmation email, you can indicate your preferred date/time. (Only one choice is possible).

You will also receive an email after purchase with all the info you need, and the document Group Attunements Instruction (Pdf). It explains exactly how a GA will proceed. (This is no different from a normal attunement, only you will receive it together with other people.) This email once again lists these Dates/Times. If you have not yet indicated your choice, do so now. Please make sure you let me know your choice at least 1 day (24 hours) before your desired Date/Time. Thank you very much for your purchase.

Do you like to know more about Group Attunements? Read here.

If you find it difficult to find out what time this is for your time zone, you might use this website:

Use your (nearest big) City for your time and Amsterdam (Netherlands) for my time. You will then see the difference in hours. Or use on this same website the Time Zones Map. (If you are struggling with this, just let me know your time zone or nearest big city, and I will do this for you.)