Kundalini is the attunement that stimulates our life force or prana. When this prana tube located near our spine develops, the Kundalini Awakening, this energy starts to rise. From Chakra 1 towards Chakra 7. Enabling us to make contact with the higher dimensions. This rising energy is associated with many spiritual developments.

The Kundalini is a powerful force that can remove blockades, support life processes and has healing properties. It provides the energy for the chakras and our energy system, and sets several spiritual developments in motion. Consciously developing the Kundalini in the good pace for you, is therefore very valuable. And that is what you will do with the attunement Kundalini. It is recommended to do this attunement after Chakra Harmony or the Chakra Package.



Life force or Kundalini, essential for our spiritual development

Kundalini or life force is an integral and essential part of our energy system. The Kundalini often is described as a coiled or sleeping snake. A light tube that has to rise so we can develop our full spiritual potential. We can find the Kundalini energy in our Root Chakra at the base of our spine. It consists of a bigger energy channel in the middle, the Sushumna. Also known as the Prana Tube or Pillar of Light. Surrounded by two smaller snakes: the male snake or Pingala, and the female snake or Ida. Also called Shiva and Shakti. These 3 light tubes are called the main nadis. When the Kundalini starts to develop, it slowly rises through the 7 main chakras near our spine. Our life power then gives life energy to the chakras which distributes it to the rest of our energy system: aura, meridians and (small) nadis.

The unifying connection between male and female

When the Kundalini starts to rise, the Kundalini Energy starts to flow through the higher chakras. This Kundalini Awakening is a spiritual maturation process that inspires and strengthens the chakras with life power. Keep in mind the caduceus, which in fact is the symbol of the kundalini. Here male and female are represented by snakes, the rod is the Prana Tube, and together they end in wings. Now when all three snakes meet at the top, in the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, they establish a Divine Connection. A Unity Connection between male and female, between heaven and earth. The wings are therefore the symbol for Unity and Enlightenment, for being able to rise above duality. The physical masculine and feminine then transforms into spiritual androgyny, whereby through this Oneness also a more bisexual orientation could develop.

Physical and spiritual purification due to Kundalini Rising

This injection with pure life power or Prana when the Kundalini Rising takes place, isn’t only a purification and cleansing of negative energies and blockades. It also empowers our creativity and awareness. There will be a cleansing of all chakras, the meridians and the nadis, even up to every body cell. This channel isn’t for nothing a vertical channel, it symbolizes spiritual rising. But as so often, slowly and well is better than fast and uncareful. In earlier years the Kundalini Awakening was often stimulated to much, which could result in a Kundalini Crisis. The blockades were then removed to quick and with force, faster than the spiritual development allowed. Which caused physical, emotional and psychological problems. With this attunement this process will be slow, careful and safe. So a spiritual crisis will be avoided.

Spiritual sexuality or tantra

In fact Kundalini Energy (prana, qi or chi, ki) is the same as sexual energy. The strongest physical energy source we have. After all, it unites our masculine and feminine energy. Kundalini is meant to transcend the personal and reconnect with the universal. In which duality temporarily (and eventually permanently) becomes Oneness. This we call spiritual sexuality or tantra. It can be done alone as well as with a partner. Together with a loved one it gives an extra dimension to your shared spirituality and sexuality. Through the Kundalini Channel we can raise our sexual energy and there will arise a joint love energy. This way you can significantly deepen each other’s body pleasure and soul delight. Actually, there is hardly any way to imagine, experiencing a deeper soul unity. This much greater sexual and spiritual experience also creates a much deeper understanding for each other.

Going towards Oneness and Enlightenment

The attunement Kundalini is an indispensable part of energetic development. A way to grow towards Oneness and Enlightenment. And a good attunement for people who like to do more with their energy. Although this Prana Channel can dissolve blockades, it’s better when your chakras are already partly cleansed. It is therefore recommended to take this attunement after Chakra Harmony or the Chakra Package. Because it will work out much better when your chakras are already partly cleansed. So the rising energy of this channel is as less blocked as possible. This way no unpleasant symptoms will arise.