Light Master Jesus, the name giver of Christianity, made a great, sometimes overwhelming impression on people. Also reflected in the names: Messiah, Anointed One, Savior, Redeemer and Miracle Worker. He came 2000 years ago to help with the transition to the Aquarian Age. To the time that the ego is exchanged for the heart, power is redeemed by love. And greed is replaced by unity and sharing in love.

Light Master Jesus, also known with his spiritual name Sananda, is the bringer of Love and Light. The carrier of the Christ Energy. The energy that reminds us of our divine origin. This great master also helps you to feel Oneness, to have confidence in yourself and this world. And to integrate truth and wisdom into your life.


Jesus, son of Josef and Mary

Light Master Jesus, also known as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was the son of Josef and Mary. And the lover of Mary Magdalene. Other names for him are Yeshua (Jeshua) and Isa. His official name was Yeshua-ben-Josef. His spiritual name is Sananda. Jesus is the historical figure upon which Christianity is founded. The protagonist of part two of the Bible, the New Testament. The great, sometimes overwhelming impression he made on people is also reflected in the names and designations given to him: Messiah, Anointed One, Savior, King of Kings, Christ, Jesus (the) Christ, Redeemer, Miracle Worker…

His enormous impact was already at his birth in Bethlehem marked by the visit of three wise men or kings. They brought him precious gifts. It where the Light Masters El Morya (Melchior, gold), Kuthumi (Balthasar, frankincense) and Djwhal Khul (Caspar, myrrh).

Light Master Jesus, the light in the dark

Jesus came to the earth in the Piscean Age, a time when power was of the upmost importance. There was a spiral of violence: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Wherein the darkness played such a big role. The ego was the determining factor. He came to bring light into the darkness, break the spiral of violence. He came 2000 years ago to help with the transition to the Aquarian Age. When the ego is exchanged for the heart, power is to be redeemed by love. The time greed will be replaced by oneness and sharing love together.

Jesus sowed, together with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Hilarion and others the many seeds that are now germinating massively. Jesus enlightened people, touched them. He made people recognize the Light, the Christ Energy, within themselves. That’s why he had such an overwhelming effect on people.

The Golden Age, from greed to love

Greed and abuse of power, the characteristics of the Piscean Age, are two of the worst addictions. And they won’t let us push them aside just like that. Nevertheless that is what inevitably will happen. The expiry date of the Piscean Age is reached. There is blowing in a new and very refreshing breeze already. The wind of the Aquarian Age, of the Golden Age. And anyone who will let their inner feelings speak, knows how necessary, desirable and joyful this change will be.

Not everyone will equally fast pick it up. But many will welcome it sooner or later. And then the help of the Light Masters will be very welcome to make this transition process easier. Jesus prophesied about this Golden Age: You will do what I have been doing, and even greater things.

Light, Love and Forgiveness

Light Master Jesus was a bringer of Light and Love. Because of his selflessness and the great light he radiated, people saw his grandeur and placed great trust in him. He showed love for everyone. And he let the wisdom of love do her work. He saw the Divine in people, so that they began to believe in themselves again. This brought people not only into peace with themselves, but also with others.

Another very important aspect of what he has preached is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a form of love. Violence and other lovelessness (aggression, condemnation, intolerance) lives on attributing blame. And above all, not wanting to see its own faults (the splinter and the beam). Jesus didn’t say without reason: He who is without sin cast the first stone. Because love never throws stones, and forgiveness has no need for it anymore.

Light Master Jesus and his Christ Energy

As a miracle worker, Healing naturally has a prominent place in the Christ Energy of Jesus. The Christ Energy reminds us of our divine origins. This beautiful energy brings healing, connection and love for each other. He asks us to heal the world. To treat as good stewards Mother Earth and all her inhabitants with respect. Encouraging us to also spread Light and Love. This miracle worker will help us to do this. Sananda is a brother who is always there for you. You never call upon him in vain. The energy of Light Master Jesus is subtle and extensive.

Jesus promotes: Light, Love, Healing, Forgiveness, Compassion, Confidence, Oneness, Innocence, Brotherhood, Strength, Truth, Wisdom. Sananda helps you with power and trust to shine light on what is now still dark. To give love to what is still separated. Let the beautiful Christ Energy of Jesus/Sananda touch you too!