Inner Child Healing


Inner Child Healing is an attunement for anyone whose youth wasn’t the time of his life. Who has the feeling that raising up was not a happy time and that this still in some ways has a negative influence on your present life (pain, trauma, a lack of joy, reserved, vulnerable, undesirable behavior … ) And who likes to change these negative memories and make life more positive.

Your Inner Child is the energy that makes you feel young, adventurous, full of joy. That likes to embrace life. It is being enthusiastic about life and the experiences you have and when you enjoy the experiences that you are able to choose. It makes you spontaneous, full of zest for life. Inner Child Healing is there to help you when this is not all the case.



The relation between your childhood and your present life

The attunement Inner Child Healing is intended to heal the energy of the child you have in you. Just as the effects it has on your present life. To be able to connect with love and enthusiasm with the life energy of the child you once were. This helps you to identify which forms of behavior and feelings date from your childhood. And to transform every one which is not desirable, to a desired form again. Because often there are many forms of undesirable behavior and outdated feelings that we unconsciously keep repeating, again and again. Undesirable behavior that can make you tired and frustrated. Because it happens to us and we do not seem to get any grip on it.

The energy of the Inner Child

The Inner Child is the energy that has formed itself in your youth, being a young energy. It will always be present in you. Keywords of the Inner Child are: joy, playing, being spontaneous, enthusiasm, imagination, vitality, love for freedom, discovering, zest for life, youthful freshness. Think of all the things you see a child do when it is happy. Like having fun playing, being curious about the surrounding world, loving to discover things, enjoying life. And giving love to what it interacts with, being creative, doing silly things, being high-spirited. The Inner Child needs protection and recognition. Allowing it to express and experience what it is, that it may play and has the right to exist. That it will be loved and cherished should speak for itself.

A happy childhood or not the time of your life…?

Unfortunately, in our world that is not all obvious, not everyone has had a really happy childhood. For you it may not have been the time of your life. For many people in their early years there may arise some degree of pain and hurt, frustration, feelings of rejection and being unloved. And the result is an attitude that comes with a hurt Inner Child. I’d rather be careful and watch out for what will happen, spontaneity will be punished, only do crazy things when nobody is around. Or new ideas will be disapproved, joy and enthusiasm will be suppressed, love won’t be answered. It is this attitude, this hurt Inner Child, that likes to be healed.

The wounded child of the past and the difficulties of today

There are many difficulties in your present life that may indicate a hurt inner child. Like: not knowing who you are, not granting yourself much, disliking yourself, being unhappy with yourself or with who you are. Or: undesirable behavior, repetitive patterns and making the same mistakes over and over again, not being spontaneous. Taking life to serious, aversion to your body, aversion to sexuality, experiencing sex as unjoyful, having problems with responsibility. Being reserved and in the background, not standing up for yourself, not finding your way in life, not expressing and developing yourself. Being unimaginative, disliking anything new or different (dangerous), the need to control everything. Up to: being vulnerable, dependent and insecure, and having a general feeling of being unsafe.

Heal your Inner Child and a better future is awaiting you

The child needs protection and recognition. It should be allowed to express and experience that what it is, that it may play and has a right to exist. So it is allowed to give love as unconditionally as it receives love. Use the attunement Inner Child Healing to make aware all these unwanted patterns, frustrations and inabilities, and to heal them. By connecting to the original, vibrant and wonderful energy of the Inner Child again. See the pain in yourself that has emerged as a child, and let Inner Child Healing soften and heal it. Give yourself the warmth, nurturance, security and love back, where every child is entitled to. Give yourself a better and more joyful future. And whatever age you have, deep inside we are all children. And we all want to play, because playing is living.