HSP Package


The HSP Package is made for people who are highly sensitive or oversensitive. As a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) you have a very open aura that makes you very accessible to energies of other people. Also negative energies like fear, hate, pain and fatigue. This package reduces and neutralizes many high sensitivity symptoms.

This HSP Package consists of 5 attunements that are all effective in the field of high sensitivity. Suitable for anyone who is hypersensitive or feels stressed because of negative energies one picks up. With attunements to cleanse and harmonize your aura, and to bring your nervous system to rest. For keeping your inner peace or getting it back. To reduce emotions and other energies that you might have taken over from others. And as a help to counteract fatigue and overstimulation. The HSP Package can be a blessing when you are highly sensitive, and get easily stressed by the negative energies of other people or the outside world.



The package for people who are highly sensitive

The HSP Package is a fine help for people who are highly sensitive. HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person. High sensitivity occurs in about 20% of the people. Trend: rising. Because ever more children are born with it. High sensitivity anticipates on the developments of the Age of Aquarius. A world of fair sharing of power, money and opportunities. A peaceful world where people aren’t a threat to one another, so we will be much more open. HSPs have a very open aura that easily lets in energies of people and other living beings. But also of rooms and places. This can be a blessing because it makes you more open and receptive, giving you an aura of empathy, love and Oneness. On the other hand you easily absorb negative energies in your aura. Resulting in over-stimulation, fatigue and stress. Then the HSP Package can be a blessing.

The HSP Package and the symptoms of sensitive people

A HSP is often intuitive and creative, likes harmony, honesty and justice. Feels quick someone’s energy and notices other subtle energetic information. But high sensitivity not only offers valuable possibilities. High sensitivity can also cause quite a few problems and inconveniences. Such as temporarily taking over complaints and illnesses from other people. Although some symptoms may be individual, Highly Sensitive Persons usually have many signs and symptoms in common. The HSP Package ((I am a HSP myself) is therefore composed to help reduce the most common and normally most stressful complaints. Do you have any questions about your symptoms or this HSP Package, you’re welcome to contact me. Also when you like to know which attunement is best suited for your complaints.

The attunements of the HSP Package

The HSP Package consists of 5 attunements: Aura Harmony, Nervous System Harmony, Source of Peace, Energetic Harmony, Emotional Harmony.

Aura Harmony: The most important attunement of this package. The more harmony there is in your aura, the less disharmony will arise caused by energies of other people, rooms or places. Moreover, this attunement feels very good and relaxing. You can actually feel your soul in and around you, and this feels very soft and pleasant.

Nervous System Harmony: Due to the sensitive nature of HSPs you may very quickly become over-stimulated. The HSPs nervous system often is in overdrive. And you can be oversensitive to and getting tired of many things. Like: light, sounds, pain, odors, chemicals, toxins, air pollution, food additives and genetically modified food. That can be very stressful and may eventually lead to chronic complaints. Nervous System Harmony can soothe your nervous system and bring you physical relaxation.

Source of Peace: Because of all the stimuli that you have to cope with and where you are oversensitive to, overstimulation can also occur on the mental plane. This mental stress can cause a returning or chronic tiredness and discontent. Source of Peace can take away a lot of irritation and discontent and bring you inner peace. A soft and pleasant energy, which feels very peaceful and makes it easier to deal with over-stimulation and dissatisfaction.

Energetic Harmony: This attunement is a jack-of-all for every energetic disturbance, and is a good addition to Aura Harmony. Therefore it is very suitable for highly sensitive people, who often find that they don’t get along well energetically with others, and that their energy gets negatively altered. HSPs may feel overwhelmed by many things that come their way. And then it helps when you energetically come back to yourself quickly.

Emotional Harmony: As an HSPs you may be especially sensitive to emotions. You may take over the emotions from people close to you, from strangers or from other sources. Like when you are near a lot of people in a shopping center, at school or at work. This emotions from others can be very stressful. Emotional Harmony may therefore be very useful for an HSP.

Package Information
Package NameHSP Package
Number5 attunements
AttunementsAura Harmony, Nervous System Harmony, Source of Peace, Energetic Harmony, Emotional Harmony
Single Price145 Euro
Package Price116 Euro