Light Master Hilarion is one of the greatest healers ever to walk this earth. As the apostle Paul he was the pupil of that other Master Healer, Light Master Jesus. Which gave him the opportunity to acquire many spiritual qualities. Hilarion has made it his task to be of service to people who seek healing. Be it physical healing or spiritual healing, everyone is welcome to him.

Hilarion also was a servant of the truth (keeper of the Flame of Truth). He helps anyone who wants to find his own truth, and to live out that truth. Because only your own truth, which is in your heart, can help you walk your own life path. And achieve your life goals.


Hilarion as apostle Paul, friend of Light Master Jesus

Light Master Hilarion is one of the greatest healers we have ever seen on earth. In his oldest known incarnation he was a priest in the Temple of Truth in Atlantis. From which he saved the Flame of Truth and brought to the Greek city of Delphi. This became the Oracle of Delphi, there to give answers and help the seekers of the truth. And lead them with their work to bring the truth to the world.

His next incarnation was that of Saul of Tarsus, the life in which he met his teacher Light Master Jesus. When as an apostle he adopted the name Paul and made many travels to spread the Christ Energy. His last incarnation was that of Sint Hilarion, the fourth century hermit and Master Healer. Before his ascension in 371 he healed thousands and performed countless miracles.

Learning to live your truth

From Hilarion you can learn how to live your truth. For example to leave mistakes and missteps behind you and follow the love of your heart. As Saul of Tarsus he was involved in the persecution of Christians, and got caught up in scientific and religious dogmatic thinking. Until he met Light Master Jesus, who showed him his true potential and encouraged him to find his own truth. The truth of his heart and soul.

In this way Hilarion developed a lot of compassion for people and their human weaknesses. That makes this ascended master very open to anyone who does not find himself good enough. People who doubt themselves, or have trouble with their past, missteps or character weaknesses. Also very suitable for people who think they are of little worth. Who find that they have made big mistakes. Or that they have done unforgivable things.

Physical and spiritual healing with Hilarion

Keywords of the energy of Light Master Hilarion are Healing, Knowledge and Truth. You could call him one of the greatest healers of recent history. Therefore this attunement is very suitable for anyone who is looking for physical and spiritual healing. He helps all people who welcome his healing powers. Which is very great and works on many aspects. Hilarion also helps you to find your truth. To accumulate knowledge that you and this world may need.

He won’t ever condemn you for what you may have done. Learn from this Master Healer that you are much more than the one who has committed a misstep. Hilarion loves you as you are. And likes to help you to connect with your truth, with your heart. To again live from your heart, where your real Self is waiting for you. The Home of Knowledge and Truth.

Helping people who like to spread Healing, Knowledge and Truth

Hilarion not only helps people with their own healing process. Also people who professionally deal with healing, such as doctors, nurses, therapists and healers. Healing as bringing wholeness encompasses much more than recovering from a disease. Like healing of the mind, the subconscious mind and personality. Hilarion also supports people who seek the truth and like to serve the truth. You will know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

He also supports science and faith. And would like to see the gap between them closed. Because in the end we all come from the same Source. This Ascended Master encourages us to let higher consciousness and spirituality flow in in areas such as knowledge and science, discovery and development. And stimulates us to develop justice, responsibility and a pure vision on experiences and people.

For outsiders and people who go their own way

Light Master Hilarion helps you with joy to find your balance back in your life. Stimulates you to open your heart for your Self, to accept who you really are. Hilarion has a warm heart for anyone who feels misunderstood. For those who want to go their own way. The pioneers and the outsiders, the seekers of truth and those who want to fulfill their life plan. Just as people who are alone, feel rejected and abandoned. Or who cannot see how valuable they are and doubt their own love and greatness.

Do you like to help Hilarion too? Then be helpful in the process of healing. Try with a smile to let go of habits, emotions and attitudes that don’t serve your health and well-being. Because the less resistance, the faster, finer and easier the change is for the better. Hilarion helps with: Healing, Knowledge, Truth, Justice, Responsibility, Opening Your Heart, Overcoming Missteps, Tolerance, Letting Go, Believing In Yourself, Compassion, Forgiveness.