Higher Self


The attunement Higher Self is about restoring your relationship with that part of your soul that is closest to you. That knows you better than you know yourself. Because you are always soul, but only every now and then a body and personality. It also has knowledge about all your incarnations, knows what your goals are in this physical life. Your Higher Self will help you, if you are open to it, to live your lives as good and fulfilling as possible. And is a source of unknown possibilities, since it is not bound to time and space.

Have you had enough of a world of greed and abuse of power, of ego in all its sordid forms? Are you convinced that there must be something better? Then you’ve already developed a feeling for what you really are: a soul. And are you coming closer to that part of it that always accompanies you and helps with advise: your Higher Self. You might see it as a wonderful and very much rewarding spiritual challenge: working with your Higher Self, your heavenly help and support. Something that could bring so many good things on your path.

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A spiritual challenge: working together with your Higher Self

The attunement Higher Self is meant for everybody who finds spirituality important. Anyone who wants more from life than only working, eating, drinking and sleeping. The Higher or High Self is also called Inner Self or Christ Self. It is in direct connection with your God Self or I Am Presence. Together they are called our Divine Being. It is your inner teacher and protector. Connecting yourself and working together with your Higher Self should be something obvious, because it’s a part of your soul. That part that is closest to you. But in a world of power and greed, of ego in all its nasty forms, it wasn’t heard anymore. It was overshadowed by the ego. However, this is now changing rapidly. We begin to hear this loving and gentle voice again.

Higher Self and Lower Self

The Higher Self is the counterpart of the Lower Self, mostly called the ego. The ego helps us to experience a desired form of separation, the individuality. The word individuality ends on duality, and that is what it brings us. Only as an individual we can create our life just as we like it to be. So our ego is a wanted and necessary tool. But because our present world still runs on greed and power, the ego plays a much too large role. Instead of being our servant, we may well have become the slave of it. It changed from servant into dictator. See the huge inequality of wealth. The crazy egos behind terrorism. And the unbridled attack on our freedom and privacy. An unbridled ego destructs more than we can stand.

When we place these two side by side, the differences immediately catch our eye:

SeparationConnection, Oneness
Thirst for power, greedServes the Highest Good
Resistance, oppositionChange is good for growth and improvement
Fear, hate, angriness, irritation …Love, joy, beauty, fantasy …
Dull, boring, mediocreCreative, vibrant, reaches to the stars
Full of frustrations and needsIn peace, is self-sufficient
Always blames the otherLooks in the mirror
Likes to obstruct and destroyFinds satisfaction in creation
Problem makerProblem solver
Likes to make victims or be oneIs Divine
Distrust, suspicion, doubtTrust, certainty

Why choosing a source of problems?

The change will come on the day you finally notice that the problem does not lie outside but inside of you. When you recognize something in you as the cause. When you get aware that the one that keeps pointing to the others as being the troublemakers, itself is the source of all troubles. And you no longer let yourself seduce to identify with your ego. That is the day you can invite your Higher Self into your life. It is the soul part that is present to help us with this life and all our other incarnations. That from a much higher perspective can oversee everything. Who will manage and guide our development. Helping us to solve problems and to achieve our life plan. And that always serves everyone’s Highest Good.

The friendly helper who is waiting for you

Your Higher Self has never left you. But unfortunately we were so busy with the outside world that we had no eye for this divine friend. But your Christ Self is always ready for a renewed cooperation. In fact, it is your assistant from the heavenly spheres that is nevertheless very close to you. And it is a source of spiritual development. This attunement helps you to accept and trust your HS. Your Higher Self helps you through intuition, inspiration, presentiments, soft touches, higher thoughts, love, trust … Important is that you allow your HS to do its work, making contact with you, working with you. That you don’t resist it, that you are aware of the resistance your ego tries to encourage and reject that. Your Higher Self is the source of knowledge and wisdom, who likes to help you. Why wouldn’t you make use of that?

Awakening for the Higher Being you are

Your Higher Self exceeds your possibilities as a personality by far. This attunement helps you awaken for your true power and possibilities. In fact, we are all a powerful being, a powerful soul. The Source, God, created our I Am Presence, this created our Higher Self. Then our HS made all our incarnations possible. And it is always there to guide us and provide help. See your HS as a Higher Being that can help you, that will assist you and with which you can co-create. That gives you guidance and inspiration. It’s your inner teacher and guardian, and your best friend. Self Love opens the door to your mighty soul. Heart and Soul helps you to feel it and communicate with it. This attunement allows you to fully work together with your HS.

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