Higher Self Package


The Higher Self Package is recommended for anyone who takes his spirituality serious. Because the in my view most important step you can make in your life is, reconnecting with your Higher Self. And with this package you learn to do that in small and not too difficult steps.

What would you think about a little less drama, conflict and problems in your life? And in its place a little more harmony and fulfillment? That happens when you exchange the ego or lower self for your Higher Self. Then things will really change. The Higher Self Package is there to give yourself a great gift: tot discover and learn to use all the possibilities that you have in you. For when you like to find your Self, be your Self and live your Self. Give with this package your life meaning, and live a much more fulfilling and enjoyable life.



Making spiritual progress with the Higher Self Package

The Higher Self Package consists of 5 attunements: Source of Love, Consciousness, Self Love, Heart and Soul and Higher Self. The first 4 attunements serve as preparation for attunement 5: the Higher Self. And, in addition, to support it. The purpose of this package is to establish the connection with your Higher Self. And then to build this connection into a fruitful spiritual partnership. For one of the most important spiritual goals we have is to reconnect with our Higher Self. Because then we will always receive Inner Guidance and be able to live a more balanced and meaningful life. With the help of the Higher Self Package you create the conditions for making real spiritual progress.

Ego and Higher Self, different as night and day

The Higher Self is a part of your soul. The part that is closest to you, knows all about what happens in your life, and also about all your other lives. And therefore has a much better overview of who you are and what serves your highest good. Unlike our ego that often excels in being small, in drama and conflict, your HS is just grand.

Although we mostly don’t experience it this way, we are much more our Higher Self than our body and personality. Soul you are always, body and personality only occasionally. And disconnecting from your ego and working towards connecting with your HS is very valuable, be it not that simple. Often you lose the connection with your Higher Self as a young child. Because of all the pressure that is exerted on you from the outside world. However, to become spiritually mature, this connection is very important and desired. The Higher Self Package makes this so much easier.

With small steps towards connecting with your Higher Self

This connection with your HS when doing this Higher Self Package is done in small steps, and is therefore much easier. The 4 attunements which precede the attunement Higher Self are these small steps and here is why and how:

Source of Love: Love is the first aspect of our soul. The basic energy of life, the energy that we all have in common, where we are made of. The pure love from the Divine Source. Even if we deny it ever so often. The more love you feel for another living creature, the more you respect the nature of that person. Radiating love is showing who and what you are. It also emphasized that what we share together, and encourages oneness and acceptance. To let Source of Love flow is just having a wonderful time and the basis of our spirituality.

Consciousness: Consciousness or light is the second aspect of our soul. You could also see it as love in action. With all you want to do in your life, it is useful to know how you can best achieve it. By gaining an understanding of cause and effect, you know how things come about, and what choices you have. So you can make the desired changes. And you will then understand the effect of a certain choice you made. This gives you insight into processes and your role in them. Consciousness sheds light on all there is. It is the key to changes for the better and serving your highest good.

Self Love: Look at the world with all its injustice, dishonesty, conflicts and problems and you see ego. Self Love, or Love for Your Self, you could call the counterpart of ego love. Loving your Higher Self (and I AM Presence) means to see and accept the greatness of your Self again. Self Love, however, not only feels wonderful but it also turns you away from your ego and all its problems! Where Source of Love radiates love to the outside world, Self Love does that to your inner world, your Self. It is very effective when you are in doubt about who and what you are. Self Love every time again makes you feel good. And it makes reconnecting with your HS so much easier.

Heart and Soul: Your soul resides around you in the form of your aura, but is also present in your body. The place where your soul can be contacted in your body is your heart chakra. There your Higher Self, your Divine Voice, communicates with you through your feelings. Because feelings are the language of your soul. Your feelings will tell you immediately what works for you and what does not. What suits you and what helps you further. Heart and Soul teaches you to be alert to your heart feelings. This creates a lively communication with your soul. Heart and Soul is a very valuable spiritual tool, because heart feelings never lie.

Higher Self: When these 4 attunements have brought you much closer to your Higher Self, it can work with you more directly. Because you are now receptive to it. You now get inspired very directly. You might see very new opportunities and solutions to problems. And often you start to go other spiritual paths. Your life begins in different ways to be more meaningful and fulfilling.

Are all your problems suddenly solved? No, but you now see the solutions to problems much more easily. There is perspective in your life again. If they are too difficult to solve at once, you grow towards them with confidence. And you solve them at a later time, when you are ready. As long as you keep going with this flow of life and don’t fall for your ego again, many things will suddenly fall into place. And the struggles of life then begin to give way to a certain spiritual elegance and effortlessness. Finally you feel that you are beginning to come Home. 

Living more meaningful with the Higher Self Package

The Higher Self Package makes it possible for you to take a completely different path. An inspiring spiritual path that will allow you to live in a truly connected way. Internally and externally. Is it the easiest path to take? Perhaps not in the short term. That is why the Higher Self Package has 5 attunements, that make this process so much easier. In the long term, however, you will benefit greatly. A finer and more loving life. A more meaningful life and the feeling that you are exactly where you want to be. And from where you are becoming more and more your Self.

Package Information
Package NameHigher Self Package
Number5 attunements
AttunementsSource of Love, Consciousness, Self Love, Heart and Soul, Higher Self
Single Price145 Euro
Package Price116 Euro