Heart and Soul


Heart and Soul is a tool to better stay centered. This attunement is actually a spiritual communication tool. It helps you become aware of your Higher Self, which communicates with you through the feelings that arise in your heart chakra. In this way you can immediately feel what works for you, what suits you, or what diminishes your power. These feelings, the language of your soul, do not come from a source that suffers from ego interference. And so these feelings are reliable and you can really build on them.

People very often get unbalanced due to emotions (abdomen) or thoughts (head). Often resulting in behavior or an attitude that is negative. However, our strength and our balance resides in our heart, our heart chakra. Where our soul talks with us through our feelings. Just as our guides or guardian angels, or the archangels and light masters can do. Therefore, it is very nice if you have a spiritual tool that helps you with this heart communication. That makes you alert to these feelings, so you can keep centered much easier and can communicate at the deepest level. That feeds you with intuitions and inspirations. That is why Heart and Soul is such a wonderful tool.

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Spiritual tool for a world of illusions

The attunement Heart and Soul is a spiritual tool that helps you being attuned to your soul. Archangel Michael encourages us to always be Heart-centered and Soul-focused. Heart and Soul is the short name for that. It means being centered and listening to what your soul has to tell you. We so often forget that we have a body but are a soul. That our body is merely a temporary vehicle. And that all our knowledge and wisdom is present in our soul. But to make use of it, it is necessary not to get too caught up in the illusions of the outside world. And that we listen to our inner world. So we are centered in our heart and stay focused on our soul. Heart and Soul is the spiritual communication tool that makes this easier.

Being in you center, living from your heart

Your heart is not only important to send blood, with in it oxygen and nutrients, to all parts of your body. And cleanse your body by discharging waste. Your heart is of much greater significance. It is there where you are in your center, where you are in harmony and balance. There where your love is always present. The place in your body where you feel most at home. Your abdomen means wanting, your head means thinking. Both are so often directed by our ego. But our ego cannot stay in the center of our body, our heart. There you are free from ego, in your heart there is after all no separation. That’s why presence in your heart and heart chakra is so important. To stay away from negativity and judgment, from drama and conflict, from illusions and unhappiness.

Your feelings, your truth

Your heart is all about feeling, here you will feel your truth. Feelings are the language of the soul. They are spoken in your heart by your soul: your Higher Self and I AM Presence. But also Light Masters, angels and guardian angels, guides and other light beings can communicate with you here. Every Divine Communication physically takes place in your heart. Whether they are intuitions or inspirations, presentiments or spiritual encouragements. Words can be interpreted very differently. Feelings however are the purest form of communication. You know immediately if something feels good or bad. Feelings are the most important form of Inner Guidance, totally attuned to you. Your feelings let you know what works for you. What in your case would be good to do or leave. How you can best go on.

Listen to your heart, cooperate with your soul

Heart and Soul is the tool that connects you to your inner world. What can give you information your thinking would never be able to come up with. All knowledge is already present in you. To help you cope better with people and situations. For all that comes from the outside world counts: listen to what your heart has to say about that. You can ask your heart every time: is this good for me? You will immediately feel the answer of your soul. Offer it your attention by listening to it, than it will reward you with valuable information. On the way to your mastery, feeling the truth in your heart is an important step. As well as beginning to communicate with your Self. Heart Communication can help you a lot in your daily life. In the communication with other people too.

Living with Heart and Soul, living without problems

All problems we see in this world is a result of listening to our ego. By doing the will of our ego. This brings emotions and thoughts based on separation. The ego is all about being right and being better. Negativity in thought, word and action. The soul is all about being equal and doing right. Positive energies like harmony, kindness and oneness. We can diminish all these problems by being in our heart as often as possible. Feel with your heart, then you will feel your soul, your truth, the one who you are. Communicate with your soul, that makes it easier to do what you came here for. Living with Heart and Soul feels a lot better too. Heart and Soul: spiritual communication and inner guidance in one.

Recommended! You can also buy this attunement in the Basic Package and Higher Self Package.