Healing Words


The attunement Healing Words connects your words with your Inner Truth. This has a positive influence on what you say, on how you say things, and how that comes across to others. So that grief, anger, aggression etc. are prevented. It helps to improve the communication with other people. And therefore prevents many conflicts and problems.

Do you ever say things that you later on regret? Maybe thinking: I should have said it differently? Or do you ever get upset by what others say to you? Does it perhaps affect you much more than is good for you? With the attunement Healing Words, you lift your own communicative qualities to a higher level. And you become less sensitive and vulnerable to what others say to or about you.

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What Healing Words can do for our energy

Healing Words is the second attunement that is part of the Trilogy of Creation. Healing Words is preceded by Healing Thoughts and  followed by Healing Actions. Together they form the 3 Tools of Creation. All we think, say and do has the energy we give it. According to the Law of Attraction this energy determines the experience resulting from it. With negative energy you create negative experiences. With positive energy you create positive experiences. Therefore the energy of our words has a direct relationship with the experience that results.

Where thoughts usually are the beginning, are words the follow up and actions often the end of a creation process. Words, the things we say, are an important communication form. Healing Words helps you to communicate in a healing way. To always seek the connection and be healing in our speaking, in what we say.

Communication in words

Talking is a way of communication. It is the way we can let the other know how we think or feel about a certain subject and each other. Speaking is the expression of what lives inside of us. Words almost always were a thought first. Words are thoughts expressed. The expression of what you think, what you feel, what you would like to tell the world. This way you express your desires. Letting yourself know what your ideas are about yourself, the other, this world.

Bringing thoughts, ideas and desires into words helps to get things clear for ourselves. It tells us what is our truth at some point in time. This truth is not rigid, because it changes with our experiences. Truth is what works for us, what feels good and gives us pleasant experiences. For that purpose you use Healing Words and the other 2 Tools of Creation.

With Healing Words choosing love in your creations

Every thought, word and action is based on fear or love. Fear is not healing, causes separation, makes unhappy, restricts and gives negative experiences. Love, on the other hand, gives pleasure, brings connection, makes free and gives positive experiences. The energy you give your creations determines the experience you get. If this energy is based on fear, then you will get experiences that generate negativity. Such as irritation, anger, disappointment, frustration, jealousy. When this energy is based on love, it is positive. Then you will get welcome things like joy, happiness, trust, optimism, peace.

Every time you can choose between fear and love, between negativity and positivity. When you choose Healing Words, then you choose to communicate positively. And thus gain positive experiences from what you say and communicate. Healing Words helps you to choose love in your creations.

The impact of words

It is often said that children speak the truth. Children sometimes say: What you say is what you are. And that is very true. Because what you say is a representation of who you are at that moment, or choose to be. Words sometimes have a big impact. Positive or negative. Light Masters tell us: Be careful with what you say, it may become true. Avoid judgements and condemnations, angry words, hateful words, verbal aggression, gossip, nasty remarks, arguments. Try to avoid suffering, pain, disdain and humiliation with what you say. Don’t bring up occurrences from long ago. Or anything that wakes up guilt and shame. Don’t say things you will later regret.

Healing Words are positive words. With this attunement you help others, inspire them with courage, tell them things that make them enthusiastic. Then our oral communication with others becomes friendly and meaningful. This will help you and others to live creatively in a positive way.

Healing Words speak your truth

The expression words can kill indicates that what you say is not without consequences. Therefore, it may be good to consider what communication in words does to you. The Creation Tool Healing Words is very appropriate if you experience in some way negativity, in combination with what you say, or what others say to you. Healing Words helps when you say things that you later on regret, or that may not be well received by others. If you have difficulty in expressing what you feel inside yourself. If your words appear more negative than you intent.

Healing Words are the language of your heart. They make you much less receptive to forced opinions, to what others want you to believe. But also for the verbal negativity of others. For, according to the Law of Attraction, whoever radiates the positive will not attract the negative. Healing Words helps you to speak your truth, allowing others to have their truth. Or consider the Healing Creation Package to have all 3 Creation Tools.