Healing Thoughts


The Creation Tool Healing Thoughts is made to have a positive influence on your mind, on all the things you think. During a day we can have a lot on our mind. And it is so much nicer to think positive about others, about yourself, and about the things you experience. Because when you have nice thoughts about others and yourself, you will also feel good about others and yourself.

Many people become aware that all the thoughts they think during a day, represent a certain energy. When you understand the Law of attraction, you know that the energy you radiate, is the same energy as the experiences you will become will have. Don’t you think that what you think has an effect on other people, and sooner or later will influence your world? That negative thoughts attracts negative experiences? And that when you tend to think positive, your world will be enriched with positive experiences? That’s why Healing Thoughts is a creative way to make your world more positive.

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Creation and the Law of Attraction

Healing Thoughts belongs with Healing Words and Healing Actions to the 3 Tools of Creation. That what you think, say and do are the main ways we shape our lives. Now the universe operates according to certain principles, the universal laws. These are the rules of the physical life. One of the most important and far-reaching universal laws is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction means: like attracts like. Equal energies attract each other. Or in other words: the energy that you radiate is equal to the energy of the experience that emerges from that. We are therefore creative beings. Do you create in a positive, conscious way, then you’ll create positive experiences. Then you will get a nice life. Thinking, Saying and Doing are the 3 Creation Tools. Healing Thoughts is the first Creation Tool to get healing experiences.

Thoughts as value judgments

Thoughts are the basis of how we look at the world. They express how we see ourselves and who we like to be. The thought almost always is the beginning of creation. As a desire. As an expression of the soul who likes to have certain experiences. Words and actions originate from our thoughts. Thoughts express ideas, concepts, possibilities. Something that you imagine as desirable. Or as a possibility you are curious about how it would turn out when being real. Your thoughts about something are certainly not insignificant, they affect your reality. Shakespeare said: there is nothing either good or bad, but what you think about it makes it good or bad. So you determine what something means, whether it’s positive or negative. And this creates your experience. Therefore, Healing Thoughts are so positive because they create positive experiences.

Healing Thoughts, the beginning of Conscious Creation

The world as you experience it, is exactly what you had in mind. It is the perfect reflection of your world of thought. The better you understand that your thoughts are creative, the more you will want to invest in healing your thoughts. Because the Law of Attraction means that the universe always returns what it receives from you. So the energy of your thoughts, words and actions is the same energy as your experiences have. With these 3 Creation Tools, you tell the universe: this is what I want. And then you get it sooner or later. So you can also learn what you must have given from what you’ve received. The next step then is: Am I satisfied with what I received, or would I prefer something better? If you want a better life, Conscious Creation is your goal. And that begins with Healing Thoughts.

Positive thinking will give you good experiences

Use Healing Thoughts to remove negative thought patterns, to reduce the flow of thoughts coming and going. When you think bad thoughts, condemning thoughts and negative thoughts. When your thinking habits makes you dissatisfied, sad or unhappy. Use it when your thoughts somehow lead to negativity. Like when you think you’re a victim of circumstances. Then you fall back into the pitfall of the victimhood. Thoughts like: It always happens to me! No, not again. That’s just my luck! As a result, you give away your own creative powers. In fact, you will always be right, but nevertheless never get what you desire. Thinking to be a victim never makes the problem smaller and will continue to attract the same kind of circumstances. Until you understand the Process of Creation and make a positive choice through positive thinking. Because positive thinking will give you good experiences.

Being aware of unwanted thoughts

Healing Thoughts focuses on your desires, on that which connects, on the Highest Good of all of us. It makes you aware of thoughts that don’t suit you, which are not desirable. Warns you of wrong, unwanted, disturbing and unnecessary thoughts. Healing Thoughts Works like thought control, Mental Hygiene, which purifies your thought world, and gives it a positive turn. Be aware that thoughts are powerful energies that always have an effect. Would you like to think negative and play the victim role? Then the negative experiences will not wait long to come your way. Do you rather choose to be creative and positive, having uplifting thoughts, do you prefer to take responsibility for your life? Then Healing Thoughts are a valuable attunement. Really something for people who choose Conscious Creation and positive changes.

You can also buy Healing Thoughts, together with Healing Words and Healing Actions in the Healing Creation Package