Healing Creation Package


The Healing Creation Package improves the way we shape our experiences. Creating we do mainly with what we think, what we say and what we do. This package of three attunements is meant to heal our thoughts, words and actions. For yourself and for the ones you come in contact with.

Our Thoughts, Words and Actions have, according to the Law of Attraction, a big influence. It is our personal energy that we send into the World. And that comes back to us in the form of experiences. The more healing takes place herein, the more beautiful our world becomes. Would you welcome happy experiences, then invest in a better world. Use the Healing Creation Package to creatively transform your world into a better world.


Create a beautiful world with the Healing Creation Package

The Healing Creation Package is a tool to change your reality positively. To have fine experiences and live a fulfilling life. First of all, this package is for our personal reality. We don’t say for nothing: improve the world, start with yourself. But of course, we all have some influence on our collective reality as well. Indirectly the Healing Creation Package helps with that too.

There are 3 main things that shape our reality. They direct our experiences, and determine what our lives look like. These are our Thoughts, our Words, and our Actions. These are the tools with which we are creative. With which we determine our experiences and bring our reality to life. Therefore I made 3 attunements: Healing ThoughtsHealing Words and Healing Actions. These are the attunements of this Healing Creation Package. The 3 attunements to creatively improve our world. Empowering us to have more enjoyable experiences.

Is the outside world really the cause of our experiences?

More and more people are beginning to become aware of the fact that reality as they experience it, is no one-way traffic from the outside world to the inside world. That the outside world is cause and that this has consequences in your inner world. Making that the outside world determines your experiences, and that you basically are powerless. We start to realize better and better that there is a clear relationship between the person, and how he experiences his world. That you yourself are the determining factor in it. That the inner world to the contrary shapes the outside world. And that you do that yourself by creation.

Our Thoughts, our Words, and our Actions have the greatest influence on our experiences. Because every day we Think, Talk, and Act. When we use our most important creative tools healing, then that also has a beneficial effect on our experiences and our world. Because of that this package can be such a fine help.

The Law of Attraction and the Healing Creation Package

Our Thoughts, Words and Actions send through the law of Cause and Effect what energy we radiate. And that is also what we will get presented again. Like the other name of this law, the Law of Attraction, says. We attract what we radiate, we receive what we give. According to the motto: like attracts like.

It is very tempting to blame other people, circumstances and the coincidence for unpleasant experiences. But experiences show that this only causes more negativity. And will never solve any problems. Therefore: be creative, take your power back into your own hands and change and improve the world. Your world. Through creatively healing your own thoughts, words and actions with this wonderful tool: the Healing Creation Package.

Package Information

Package Healing Creation Package
Number 3 attunements
Attunements Healing Thoughts, Healing Words, Healing Actions
Single Price 87 Euro
Package Price 69 Euro