Healing Actions


The attunement Healing Actions can be a fine help for those who have unpleasant experiences, due to their own actions or others’ behavior. It can bring about the right change in the things you do. So your actions will have better results. It also positively influences the behavior of others toward you. So that you neither cause nor attract problems and trouble.

Are you not always satisfied with your own behavior? Do you sometimes do stupid things, being too impulsive, or unkind to others? Or are you confronted with the unpleasant actions of others? Have you ever been involved in abuse of power, emotional blackmail, physical or sexual violence or unpleasant conflicts? Then Healing Actions can creatively improve your world and attract nice experiences.

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How Healing Actions can give a positive boomerang effect

Healing Actions is the third attunement of this Trilogy of Creation. This attunement follows Healing Thoughts and Healing Words. All three are about Creativity and Creation. Together they largely determine what your creations look like, and therefore how your experiences will be. But how does this system work in terms of doing, of our deeds or actions?

We often use the term cause and effect. Also known as the Law of Karma, or the Law of Action and Reaction. This tells us that when you do something, that this affects the universe. Without exception it brings forth changes. And after some time these changes will be revealed to you by the universe. It is like a boomerang that you throw away and that after a while comes back to you. Only the time factor is uncertain. Healing Actions has the intention to make our actions so positive that we automatically have pleasant experiences. The positive boomerang effect.

Healing Actions, healing experiences

We are creative beings, created after the image of All That Is. What we in fact are doing when creating is playing God. God in miniature, for our own small world. We have our own little vegetable garden as an experience world, to try things out. In it we may sow and plant to our heart’s content. To harvest the fruits of our work (creation) later on.

And God as a whole, as All That Is, makes all these creations possible. By using the universal laws. Because the universe works like a kind of copier. We put in the energy that carries our signature. The universe then gives us a physical experience of equal energy. So the kind of energy we radiate, determines the kind of experience we create with that energy. As you sow, you will harvest. Do you like to harvest healing experiences, then choose Healing Actions.

Being aware of what you are doing when creating your life

Actions or deeds are the most visible form of creation. Because they sometimes show very quickly what their result is. When you give someone a slap in the face, and you get a slap back, cause and effect are very clear and very near. Being aware of what you are doing, of what you are creating, is therefore very important. With each action you let the world know who you are. With each action you tell yourself who you want to be.

As creator of our lives, we may determine every time again who we want to be, and what we want to experience. That is creation. Obviously, the idea about who we are changes during our lives. What is nice, because changes give new possibilities. Certainly, however, the more healing our creations are, the more One with Al That Is we become. Therefore Healing Actions was made.

Choosing for healing with everything you do

Healing Actions can immediately make a difference when you have problems with your actions, your deeds. Both as a perpetrator or as a victim. It don’t have to be severe cases as threats, aggression, violence, intimidation. Or crimes like theft, robbery, assault, deprivation of liberty, blackmail. Or with oppression, abuse of power, blackmail …

Healing Actions also helps in less serious cases, when noticing that your actions are not well received. When you don’t always have positive intentions. When your actions do not have the desired result. If you do things you don’t want to do at all. When things happen that make you upset, discouraged, overwhelmed, afraid. Or if you do things yourself that appear to others as unfriendly, unpleasant or otherwise as undesirable. No perpetrator without victim, no victim without perpetrator. Healing Actions helps you to be neither.

Having good intentions using Healing Actions

The attunement Healing Actions is a positive deed on its own. It is the intention to connect all you do with All That Is. And therefore exchanging separation for Oneness. It is a way to put healing energy into all you do, towards yourself and towards any other person. And also change the energy of what the other person is doing towards you. Because you can change that too.

It helps you with your creations, just like Healing Thoughts and Healing Words. With that, a negative attitude and negative expectations should be avoided as far as possible. This only leads to negative experiences. Better use creative powers such as positivity, trust, love, faith, good choices, good intentions and gratitude. This allows you to provide your creations with the right energy. And creatively improve and heal your own world. If you want to do a good deed today, go for Healing Actions. Or choose the Healing Creation Package, and have all 3 Creation Tools.