Grounding helps you to have a good connection with Mother Earth. It helps you feeling better about your body and in your body. But also about who you are and what you are on earth for. Through Grounding or Earthing our body becomes the connecting link between heaven and earth. So we can allow spiritual energies to come in through our Crown Chakra, and pass them on to Gaia. Helping Gaia and ourselves.

Grounding is important if you are often cold, stress-sensitive or suffer from health problems. But also if you do not feel good about being on earth. If you are not very down to earth, or if you become emotionally and psychologically out of balance too easy. Moreover, Earthing is indispensable for your spiritual development.


The importance of Grounding

The Attunement Grounding helps you being well connected with Mother Earth. Grounding is important because when you aren’t well grounded, you often don’t feel very well. Then you are not at your best and sensitive to diseases and ailments. Often it so to speak feels then as if you’re not too loose in or disconnected from your body. Or you get too quickly upset by circumstances.

Grounding or Earthing makes that your foot chakras are well connected to the earth. Your foot chakras make sure that excess energies and negative energies which are harmful for your body and energy system, will be discharged to Mother Earth. Thereafter Mother Earth ensures that these negative energies will be transformed. The foot chakras are part of Chakra 1, The Root Chakra. Are you often grounded badly, then it would be good to check if your Root Chakra could need some balancing.

Disturbance of harmony and balance

The result of being poorly grounded may also be that you don’t stand firm. Literally and figuratively. Literally that you physically lose your balance quickly. That a push can throw you over easily. Or that you notice that you find it difficult to keep your balance and stumble easily. But figuratively also for example in the form of emotional imbalance. The well-known rollercoaster of emotions, that can cause so much relationship problems.

In addition, situations may cause you to lose your psychological balance quickly. Which makes it difficult for you to cope with unexpected and far reaching events. Because then you will suffer from the negative consequences for too long. And being ungrounded you may find it difficult to regain balance. You are then hypersensitive to anything that disrupts your harmony. Emotional, psychological or in any other way.

Grounding … because not only cell phones need a charger

Gaia not only purifies our energies, she also works as some kind of charger. She will make sure that you can also absorb pure earth energies. Making that you feel physically and energetic recharged and strong. Grounding therefore has an important function to prevent physical and energetic problems. To ensure your mental and psychic stability. To help you keep safe and sound in different ways. So Mother Earth actually helps us refresh our energy. Similar to a healthy sleep. The table below shows the difference between a bad and a good earthing.

Table Grounding

Characteristics of a poor grounding Characteristics of a fine grounding
Poor connection and relation with his body It is fine to have a body
Often health problems and other complaints Physical in harmony and balance
Quickly tired Energetic, vigourous
Sleeping problems Healthy, refreshing sleep
Cold feet, difficulties getting warm Pleasant body warmth
Stress sensitive Can cope well with stress
Floaty Good balance between earthly and spiritual matters
Emotional and psychological out of balance soon Emotional and psychological stable
Has trouble with our earthly life Likes to be on earth
Quickly loses his self-confidence Good self-confidence

Very spiritual: being well connected to the earth

It may seem that Earthing is quite earthly and little spiritual, but that’s certainly not the case. As we know about electricity, it can only flow when there is a connection. The plug must be plugged into the wall socket. That’s exactly the case with us. The one attracts the other. Only when we are well connected to the earth, spiritual energy can come through Chakra 7, the Crown Chakra. Then there is enough attraction to allow this spiritual energy to easily flow in. And to ground this energy through Chakra 1, to let it flow into Mother Earth.

We are then the connecting link between heaven and earth. As such, we become a magnet for those spiritual energies with which we are currently resonating. Which enables us to grow higher spiritually, together with Mother Earth. While at the same time we can let go of what no longer serves us. And what Mother Earth so kindly cleans for us.

Becoming physically and psychologically more stable by grounding

Grounding helps you to stand firm, and ensures that you will feel well in your body. Good for people that are a bit floaty. Or that don’t really like to be on earth. Earthing helps you to reconcile with the fact that you are on earth. It brings you a good contact with Gaia. And gives you a good contact with Mother Earth.

Grounding makes you feel fine about having a body and enjoying your body. With a good connection to Gaia, you are properly grounded, less floaty and better balanced. Then your stress levels go down, you feel yourself less overloaded, and you can cope with changes and difficulties better. Grounding makes you more stable, psychological and emotional, less inclined to worrying and fretting, and you sleep better. Earthing provides a good basis for your health and a better self-esteem. It is an important condition for a good spiritual life.