Gamma Brainwaves


Gamma Brainwaves have extraordinary characteristics. They are quite different from the other three brainwaves. Gamma Waves feel more intense than Alpha, Theta and Delta, which are much more relaxing. They stimulate an increased brain activity, in which different parts of the brain simultaneously do their job. Making information processing much faster. As a result, they provide a good solution for people who have to do complex tasks.

Gamma Brainwaves are compared to The Zone, the state of consciousness in which people deliver their best performances. The extraordinary characteristics of Gamma Waves makes them very suitable for people with memory disorders and lack of concentration. Like children and adults with ADD and ADHD. In addition, they could help with Alzheimer’s. Gamma Brainwaves are balancing and make you more self-conscious.


The remarkable performances of the Gamma Brainwaves

The Gamma Brainwaves are less known and are clearly different from the other brainwaves. Gamma Brainwaves lie beyond the Beta Brainwaves, between 25 and 100 Hz. On the other side of the brainwave spectrum. Although they are the fastest brainwaves, they have the smallest amplitude (peaks). They are therefore less chaotic. And do not cause the stress that the Beta Brainwaves often feature.

Alpha, Theta and Delta feel very relaxed. On the other hand, Gamma feels more intense and more complex than these other three brainwaves. Gamma Brainwaves provide an increased state of consciousness with the brain being very active. They are compared to The Zone, the state of consciousness in which you feel happy and at your best. Where everything becomes easy and you can achieve optimal performances.

The extraordinary characteristics of Gamma

Gamma Brainwaves have very special characteristics. When the brain produces Gamma Waves, there is an increased brain activity. A state of consciousness in which the brain can utilize their full capacity. Then a synchronization will take place of different brain parts. Remarkable is the high rate of information that is exchanged between these brain parts.

For example, there is an increased information processing of the senses. This makes our senses more sensitive. Our eyes and ears become sharper, we smell more, food tastes better, and our physical feeling works more subtle. All information of our senses is simultaneously processed and at high speed. This Peak Performance enables us to function faster and more accurately.

Gamma Brainwaves, tool for attention disorders

This also applies to cognitive functioning. The ability to absorb and process information. Gamma Waves help you to learn and reproduce things faster and better. Like Theta Brainwaves, it gives an improved memory. Everything seems to be easier and run in a higher gear. This makes you brighter, more focused, more in the now.

Gamma Brainwaves seems to be the solution for children and adults with ADD and ADHD. Often a markedly reduced presence of Gamma is measured in ADDs and ADHDs. Gamma Waves raise your attention to what you are doing. And can help you accomplish multiple tasks at once without getting stressed. Ideal for people who are very easily distracted and show a short attention span.

The consequences of too less Gamma Waves

Low amounts of gamma waves are related to learning difficulties, a bad memory, lack of focus and reduced mental abilities. People with too little Gamma Brainwaves can be sensitive for depression. Especially people who are naturally very lively and active. Furthermore this brings often stress, impulsiveness and lack of concentration. In addition, it is associated with migraine and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Research has even shown that elevation of the Gamma Waves can reduce or even reverse degenerative processes such as Alzheimer’s. It found that the plaques in the brain causing Alzheimer’s disease began to resolve when increasing these valuable brainwaves. Certainly for people with early Alzheimer’s disease or with Alzheimer’s in the family, this attunement might be worth trying.

The many good sides of the Gamma Brainwaves

People whose brains produce a healthy amount of Gamma Brainwaves often have greater self-control. This is likely because they do not react to any impulse, as in people with too many Beta Waves. They often show a much greater mental, emotional and psychological cohesion. These people are often self-conscious, above average intelligent, feel balanced and are more often happy with themselves and the world.

Gamma Brainwaves make you less impulsive, give you more compassion, and help you to be in the now. They increase the sense of well-being and improve your performance. You can use it for meditation and lucid dreams can be promoted by Gamma. It is even possible to have mystical and transcendental experiences in the Gamma Consciousness State. Clearly, Gamma Brainwaves can be a valuable attunement for many people.