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Forgiveness is a fine attunement to free yourself from unpleasant feelings and pain. It helps you with guilt and shame and when cherishing grievances. In addition, it reduces the need to hurt or punish yourself or others. This way it can reduce or prevent a lot of drama, conflicts and relationship problems.

You can use Forgiveness for pain, offences, bitterness, resentment, grievances, hatred, blame, and feelings of revenge. For other sorts of pain like emotional pain and heartache. But also to let go of negative energies, that you weren’t able to release yet. Which may be causing chronic diseases like back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, joint pain or digestive complaints. Forgiveness is a soothing and loving act. Very valuable to yourself and good for your relationships.

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Forgiveness, our soul’s freeing act of love

The attunement Forgiveness is a very valuable and healing energy. Forgiveness is also referred to with terms like mercy or remission. Forgiveness and the will to do so, being forgiving, comes from the soul, and the soul is love. And has really no need whatsoever to hold on to negative and sickening energies.

Forgiveness is all about releasing these energies. Being forgiving soothes your pain and detaches you from your ego. However, blaming and cherishing grievances, holding on to negative energies, is a hobby of the ego. The ego always likes to be busy with other people and what they all did wrong. Being afraid as it is for having to see itself in the mirror. And then seeing who the real offender is.

Scapegoats and stone-throwers

Nobody is perfect and who is without sin cast the first stone. For most of us it is easier said than done to look in the mirror when having unpleasant experiences. And asking yourself why you attracted this experience. What that situation actually asks of you. In the short term it is much easier to decide that another one is to blame because of this undesirable situation. That the other has said or done something which makes you experience these unpleasant feelings.

Once you begin to blame others for your unhappiness (and maybe like to punish them), it shows how addictive this ego method is. There is always something you are not happy with. And there is always someone to find who you can make responsible for that. As long as you yourself remain unaffected. As long as you yourself are not pelted with stones.

Guilt and punishment, a sickening system

The need to blame someone often occurs when a person says or does something that evokes an adverse reaction in you. Such as pain, discontent, grievances and being hurt or offended. Having the feeling that you are wronged, treated badly, for which someone else is responsible. Assigning blame and the need for punishment, seemingly gives yourself power, and takes away power from the one who is guilty. Because it makes you better in a moral way, it shows you are right and the other wrong.

But in reality it isn’t possible for someone else to let you feel pain, discontent, being hurt or offended. Only you can choose to, and only you are responsible. Only your ego can instigate you to that. And only you can choose to give your ego what it wants. Choosing to be a victim and feeling pain will burden your relationship, your soul and your body. And will do you nor the offender any good. In the long term it can even cause chronic diseases. It is a sickening system which really doesn’t bring anyone any good. It only strengthens the ego.

Issues that bring you nothing but trouble

Forgiveness is a fine weapon against more drama, conflict and violence. It’s the end of the inner conflict. The anger inside that sooner or later will become visible in the form of quarrels, violence or relationship problems. Or that can store inside in the form of serious or chronic diseases or depressions.

Being forgiving is a form of release, of letting go. It helps you to do away with emotional ballast that causes feelings of unhappiness, perpetual dissatisfaction, not being at your best, and always having something to complain. Holding on to these issues means hurting yourself. Who forgives gives way to love. To forgive makes you don’t have to bother any longer with things that bring you and others nothing but trouble. So you can become involved in the fun parts of life, forever releasing those nasty feelings and attitudes.

Forgiveness and the disarming of the other cheek

The attunement Forgiveness can be a real boon. First forgive yourself for holding on to something that does not serve your Highest Good. That is in fact the true forgiveness. Then it will be easier to forgive others later on. Forgiveness is very good to use with feelings of self-blame, inferiority, and not enough Self Love. The softness of Forgiveness reduces hard feelings towards yourself and others.

Use it with pain, offences, bitterness, resentment, grievances, hatred, blame, revenge, guilt … Whether you caused it or the other. Try it with back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, joint pain or chronic digestive complaints. Like love forgiveness is disarming: the other cheek will drain out all blame. When you hurt yourself or someone else, that is actually a cry for help. And forgiveness is that help. A great and loving act that does not add to misery. But lets it flow away instead.