Feminine Energy Love


Feminine Energy Love is valuable for anyone who feels too little love for the feminine energy. The feminine energy present in women as well as men. By accepting and loving the feminine energy you can also make use of all the positive feminine qualities. The qualities of the Divine Mother. And bring your female energy with love into harmony and balance.

Do you have negative feelings about your feminine energy, or negative experiences with the feminine energy that you want to change positively? Then Feminine Energy Love is a good choice. This can change negative things like fear, hatred, jealousy, guilt or shame in a positive way. Or accept positive female qualities such as connectedness, softness, creativity, trust and wisdom and make them stronger.

A nice addition to this attunement is Masculine Energy Love. For a harmonious union of femininity and masculinity, there is Yin Yang Love.


Feminine Energy Love: coping well with your feminine side

The attunement Feminine Energy Love is made for anyone who feels too little love for the feminine energy. The feminine energy in both men and women. Anyone who doesn’t love and accept the female energy, the energy of the Divine Mother, is essentially doing himself a disservice. For if you want to be in harmony and balance as a human being, this can only be if the two energies you’re made of are that too. The two energies that together represent Wholeness, Oneness, the Source.

Feminine Energy Love lovingly embraces the female half of it. It has been suppressed and abused for far too long. The New Age needs equality and respect. The attunement helps to achieve this, together with her loving partner Masculine Energy Love. Female Energy Love is the warm welcome to the woman and everything that is feminine.

The essence of the female energy

When we are talking about love for the female energy, it is valuable to get to know this yin energy a little better. It is the AM of the I AM, the Divine Mother. The feminine energy is oceanic, boundless, flows like water to all sides, covering everything with which it comes into contact. It is playful, creative, attractive, subtle, wavy, capricious, unpredictable.

In the digital age in which we live, there are only ones and zeros. The zero is the circle that symbolizes the feminine energy. The female energy is directed inwards, indeed it looks like an all-embracing circle. For the feminine energy is enveloping and connecting, always seeking unity, Oneness. The female energy is meaningful, it possesses the wisdom that gives the fragmentary of the masculine energy its harmony and coherence. This beautiful yin energy possesses and guards the essence of all things.

Supporting the positive feminine with love

Feminine Energy Love not only supports the essence of the female energy, but also specific aspects of it. The qualities of the Divine Mother. Like: Love, Softness, Modesty, Care, Peacefulness, Creativity, Receptivity, Trust, Harmony, Balance, Wisdom, Sensitivity, Flexibility, Intuition, Patience, Calmness, Unity, Connectedness. These are all feminine qualities, necessary for a good balance in your life. Whether you are a woman or a man.

Maybe you recognize some of these qualities within yourself. And would you like to make them a little stronger. Maybe some of these beautiful and positive qualities are still underdeveloped. It is precisely then that Feminine Energy Love can do a lot for you. It can then increase and strengthen these positive feminine qualities within yourself.

Changing the negative feminine with love

But what if the positive feminine aspects are suppressed or frustrated. What if you don’t allow them to be part of you. If the outside world keeps telling you that they are worth nothing, that they don’t bring you anything. And that this world does not need them. In short, when they have changed into their negative opposite. Even then, Feminine Energy Love can help you.

Because love will always encourage the positive. It will lovingly embrace the feminine energy of girls and women and boys and men. And make them feel what their true nature is. Helping them to change back into their positive opposite. Negative aspects such as: Fear, Weakness, Guilt, Shame, Hatred, Jealousy, Fickleness, Unreliability, Insecurity, Powerlessness, Dissatisfaction, Apathy, Doubt, Fear Of Failure, Weak Will, Victimhood. Besides, Feminine Energy Love is also helpful if you have any problems with women, femininity and women’s behavior.

Feminine Energy Love, a warm heart for the Female Divine

Feminine Energy Love is a wonderful attunement for everyone who likes to balance his feminine energies. Anyone who wants to strengthen positive feminine properties, and transform negative feminine properties. But always remember that as a woman you have male qualities as well as female ones, and you do need them. However, for most women your female energies will be dominant. The feminine energy needs the masculine energy to structure her creativity. The masculine energy and the feminine energy also need each other, because their greatest power develops when they go together.

That is why Masculine Energy Love is a fine addition to this wonderful attunement. But also Yin Yang Love, which combines love for the feminine and love for the masculine. And also gives love to the interaction between the two sexual energies.