Energy System Healing


Energy System Healing is an attunement that is active in a very broad field. This healing energy helps you to balance your entire energy system, and to heal it where necessary. It ensures that the different parts work well together again. This not only has a positive effect on all parts, but also makes the whole stronger.

No lamp can burn without power, and no body can function without energy system. Energy System Healing distributes its energy to all parts of our energy system: aura, chakras, kundalini, meridians and nadis. This ensures that all these parts are equally fed with energy, balanced, and attuned to each other. As a result, your whole system will function ever better, and your energy can flow well to wherever it is needed.


The importance of our energy system and of Energy System Healing

Energy System Healing is the attunement for a healthy and well-functioning energy system. Our energy system is an important prerequisite for our energy. It forms, as it were, the riverbed that energy needs in order to be able to flow properly. Compare it to a river. A river needs a bed and banks into which the water can flow in a targeted manner. And that gives the water its direction and thrust. Otherwise the water would flow away boundless, and would not get to where it is needed most.

For our energy system it works the same. There must be some bed or pipeline system that allows our energy to flow optimally. In the right energy frequency and strength. Letting us function optimally energetically. Energy System Healing supports this important system. But what does our energy system actually consist of? These are from outside to inside the 5 parts:

  • Aura
  • Chakras
  • Kundalini
  • Meridians
  • Nadis

The parts of our energy system briefly explained

Aura: protection and contact organ

The aura forms a protective electromagnetic field around our body (see Aura Harmony). When the aura functions well, it ensures that negative energies will be kept outside. Besides the aura is also a contact organ, a way to exchange energy with the outside world. A harmonious aura ensures that we only give away energies that are good for others. And only let in energies that are good for ourselves. We come into contact with many different energies. That’s why the better your aura functions, the less unwanted energies your energy system has to process. Especially important for sensitive people.

Chakras: the power plants

The chakras, that are partly seated in the aura and partly in our physical body, can be compared with power plants. They distribute the energy they receive from the kundalini. And also the energy that our aura brings in. The chakras ensure that this energy, transformed in the right frequency, is distributed to all places in our body and energy system where it is needed. Or they remove it when necessary. In addition to the seven main chakras, there are also many minor chakras (see Chakra Harmony). The chakras form the heart of our energy system.

Kundalini: our life force

The kundalini is the power source of our entire physical and energetic system. It is our life force, the energy also called prana, chi or qi. The kundalini channel is seated in our spine and consists of three light tubes. A smaller male and female light snake that wind themselves around a bigger, neutral light tube. When we start to spiritually develop ourselves, the kundalini will start to rise from Chakra 1. As a result, the higher chakras receive more and more energy and will continue to develop. In addition, the male and female light snakes begin to unite. So that we slowly transcend duality and grow to Oneness.

Meridians and nadis: the small energy channels

The meridians and the nadis are the smallest energy channels we have. The chakras ensure that all important systems (like the body systems) are being fed with prana. They do the most important energy work. For the smaller and more specialized work, the chakra system uses the help of the meridians and nadis. They ensure that the small and smallest systems and areas are fed with energy.

Our energy system, a complex system

Suppose you have no noticeable complaints regarding your aura, chakras, kundalini … Nevertheless, you have the feeling something in your system is wrong. Then Energy System Healing comes into play. Our energy system is a complex system, that performs many complex tasks. Important for health, well-being and spirituality.

It sometimes happens that this system does not function properly. That the cooperation between the components isn’t satisfying. Or that energies that come in don’t integrate well. Not fine when you’re doing for instance energy work, using valuable energies, but without the result you hoped for. Energy System Healing ensures a good connection between the components of our energy system. And a harmonious cooperation between these parts. In an optimally cooperating and coordinated energy system, your energy will flow without any problems.

A better functioning energy system, with Energy System Healing

Is there something wrong with your energy itself, then Energetic Harmony is the first attunement to think about. Energy System Healing is the one when your energy system one way or another isn’t functioning properly. If this is due to one of its components, then opt for Aura Harmony, the Chakras or Kundalini.

Choose Energy System Healing if the problem is not limited to a single part. However, you can use Energy System Healing very well in addition to these attunements. Energy System Healing can be valuable if you just find a well-functioning energy system important. Without blockades and system errors. As a kind of foundation on which all the parts can rest well. And basically will be able to function better.