Energetic Harmony

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Energetic Harmony is a very broad and in many cases usable energy. Since everything is energy, and every form of life and change is driven by energy. It is the power which makes that life can continue running. Energy must flow and the better it does, with the for you appropriate energies, the better you will feel and function. Therefore harmony in your energy and every energy that you come into contact with, is a very welcome way to keep yourself healthy and well.

Having the right energy is for everyone a prerequisite to live comfortably. And if you can adjust that yourself, that would be a nice bonus. And even more important it becomes when you frequently suffer from symptoms that show any form of energetic disharmony. With stress in general, to prevent or reduce blockages, concentration problems, burnout, fatigue or ME / CFS, if you are sensitive to pain, having sleep problems, or complaints due to radiation … Energetic Harmony, a fine cure without side effects.

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Energy problems

Energetic Harmony is an attunement for energetic problems in the broadest sense. And makes a very nice pair with Energy System Healing, which optimizes our entire energy system. This last one is the energy network which must ensure that the energy has a good energy circuit to its availability. While Energetic Harmony is about the energy itself flowing well. Compare it with the playing field and the players. Because all that happens in us, around us and with us is caused by energy. Energy makes that everything functions as it does. Energy is the power from the plug, the beams of the sun, the movements of celestial bodies. Without energy no life. And with energy that is harmonious, your life will be in harmony.

A good circulation of your energy

Energy must flow. That is what energy does. Energy that doesn’t flow, a blockade, prevents proper functioning. When in a small river large stones, stumps, branches and other things have accumulated, the water can not flow, or can even stop flowing completely. Just like a blood clot in a vein or artery can reduce the flowing of the blood and cause health problems such as thrombosis or a heart attack. When the energy flows well, your well-being flows well too, you will feel fine. And energy care should be as normal as in the morning having a shower, combing your hair and putting on clean clothes.

And the winner is… the economy

Western society is not made for people but for an economic model. Companies are more important than people. Governments and politician are elected by voters and bought by multinationals. Money and power have priority over love and joy. And greed is the fire which keeps this economic model running. And along with that the well-being of the people is not where it is all about. Which makes stress an almost daily factor. Stress can almost be equated with illness. Stress is a killer. Of health and life, relationships, mood, behaviour, decency and quality of life. Stress is in fact disharmony, energetic disharmony.

Signs and symptoms of stress and disharmony

Stress and disharmony may have a clear external cause, can by a prolonged presence internalize, or may come from within (predisposition, it runs in the family). It may involve very vague complaints as well as very clear symptoms or complaints. A list of signs and symptoms that may be related to stress and disharmony:

● Not feeling well
● Not at ease with oneself
● Dread, fright, shock
● Tormented, depressed
● Concentration problems
● Edgy, acute stress
● Stress sensitivity
● Apathetic, slow
● Sleeping disorders, tired when waking up
● Fatigue, often tired, exhausted, CFS / ME
● Burnout
● Complaints of radiation (mobile towers, X-rays, CT scans, mobile phones, microwaves…)
● Ascension symptoms
● Frequent complaints, poor health
● Effects of chemically or genetically contaminated food
● Vague complaints and complaints that lack a clear explanation

Remedy for energy disturbances

Energetic Harmony is an excellent attunement for all kinds of energy disturbances, like the symptoms above. With all that has to do with energy. For all that makes you tired, physically or mentally, and off course especially with chronic fatigue. And for all energetic changes in this time of change. In some cases it fits like a glove, in others it is also important to do something about the cause of it. But in many cases it will bring at least some relief. The effect is often that problems can be quickly reduced, and that they won’t grow to big problems. Use Energetic Harmony at any time you are getting tired, don’t feel well, get stressed, feel a headache coming and so on. This attunement can help quickly with many different disturbances and can often help reduce or prevent blockades, complaints and ailments.

Energetic Harmony is also part of the HSP Package.