Energetic Harmony


Energetic Harmony is a very broad and in many cases usable energy. Because everything is energy. Energy is the power source on which we run in all our facets: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Energy must flow and the better it does, the better you will feel and function. Therefore harmony in your energy is a very welcome way to keep yourself healthy and well.

Use Energetic Harmony to have plenty of good energy. But also to prevent or reduce blockades, concentration problems, sleeping problems and stress. In case of burn-out, fatigue or ME / CVS, pain sensitivity and radiation complaints … Energetic Harmony is a fine cure without symptom suppression and side effects.

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The help for energy problems: Energetic Harmony

Energetic Harmony is a fine and quick help for energetic problems. Very suitable when you are energetically not in top form, or when you are often tired or stressed. But also as an energetic help to quickly bring your energy in harmony again.

Energetic disturbances are at the basis of many forms of disharmony, like disease and stress. Understandable, because everything is energy, from the smallest atom to the largest planet. Without energy no earth and universe. Our body also consists of energy and can only function through energy. For everything we are and do, energy is needed. That is the power source on which we operate. Therefore it is wise to keep this power source in good condition. And Energetic Harmony helps with that. Because the better your energy is in harmony, the better it is for your health and wellbeing.

Energy Management, making sure your energy flows well

Energy must flow, unrestricted and unobstructed. That is the purpose of energy. Energy that doesn’t flow perfectly anymore, is called an energy blockade. A blockade can be compared to a dam in a river, a blood clot in a vein, or a traffic jam on the road. A blockade is an accumulation of energy that for some reason can’t fully flow to where it’s needed. The smaller a blockade, the easier it will be to get it flowing.

Energetic Harmony helps to get the inactive energy in the blockade flowing again. In addition, you are not only responsible for your own energy. But also the most suitable person to improve your energy, if it becomes unbalanced. Therefore, do not only take care of yourself physically, but also energetically. Take your own Energy Management in hand, with Energetic Harmony.

Energetic disharmony or stress

The opposite of energy that is in harmony might be called energetic disharmony. Energetic disharmony can be caused by both external and internal causes. Some examples of external causes: contaminated and low-quality food, water pollution, air pollution, genetic manipulation, noise, radiation. Abuse of power by governments etc., financial and social problems, or the negativity caused by mass media, social media etc. Some examples of internal causes: negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative intentions, resistance. Or having difficulty coping with problems and setbacks, not being able to surrender and letting go and accepting.

In addition: this world is at the beginning of a spiritual revolution, and has yet to deal with many types of stress. Stress is almost equated with disease. Stress is a killer. Of health and lives, relationships, mood, behavior and quality of life. Stress is nothing but disharmony, energetic disharmony. And energetic disharmony asks for energetic harmony.

Table Energetic Harmony

In the table you see more examples of the wide use of this Feel Good Attunement. See which problems you can reduce with it, and which good things can you improve with it.

Energetic Harmony reduces Energetische Harmonie improves
Fatigue, CFS / ME, Burn-out Good energy flow
Stress (acute and chronic) Protection against blockades
Health problems (acute and chronic) Better physical immunity
Blockades Vitality and strength
Pain and physical sensitiveness Healthy and refreshing sleep
Ascension symptoms Faster disease recovery
Mental and psychological complaints Better energy balance
Concentration problems Protection against energy disturbances
Sleeping problems More balanced day and life rhythm
HSP complaints Protection against external influences
Complaints radiation and electrosmog Easier ascension process

Energetic Harmony, the answer to many energy disturbances

As you see you can use Energetic Harmony for many different problems and complaints. From blockades to ascension symptoms. Indicated for any kind of fatigue: physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. And with any other form of stress. That is because everything is energy. And with many problems and complaints there is energetic disturbance. These energetic disturbances need to be brought back into harmony. Harmonious energy is free of disturbances, and therefore doesn’t cause unwanted symptoms and complaints. Or other forms of imbalance.

With Energetic Harmony you will feel energetically fine. It is an all-round attunement, suited for acute as well as chronic complaints. To be used as soon as any energetic problems appear. So that you can immediately bring your energy back into harmony.  (For disturbances in your energy system, see Energy System Healing.)